(H) 485 Lock & 486 Ret LF Raid Guild

My wife and I have recently switched to Thrall and are looking for a guild to call home. We have been around since the end of Vanilla and have played through TBC, WotLK, and the end of Cata.

Used to be semi-casual raiders on another server, I am 6/6N 1/6H Vaults and wife is 1/6N. Coming from a low pop server there was only 1 main progression guild (very tight knit group) so we have moved for opportunity.

Main Toons and Alts for me are as follows:
Zenlock - 90 Affliction Lock, os Destro, Ilvl : 485
Zenkin - 90 Resto Druid, os Balance Ilvl : 478
Zentär - 88 Prot Warrior, os Fury

Main Toons and Alts for wife are as follows:
Kaatya - 90 Ret Pally, os Prot, Ilvl : 486
Braxina - 90 Surv Hunter, os BM, Ivl : 474
Kahlimahh - 90 Fire Mage, os Arcane, Ilvl : 463
Kalypsonia - 88 Resto Shaman, os Enh

All profs maxed, except Blacksmithing(573)

Please post here, or battletag Zenlock#1903
Hello, I think I could get you guys a spot in with our core group, we're a semi-casual guild, 4/6 MV. Trying to find a couple more consistent players who are looking to show up on a weekly basis to improve and progress. Our core teams raiding times are as follows: Friday 9pm-12am (server time, EST) and Sundays 7pm-9pm (server time, EST).
hey guys we have open raid spots for weekend raiding 730p-1130p server. friday to sunday for our if interested wisper lothab,licketysplit, nottabandade flamspitta
After our recent transfewe are currently Looking for a good ret pally and a resto druid to fill out our core tewam we raid fri-sun 7-11 server time. for more info you can Btag me at James#11304. Hope to here from you soon.

If you're still in the market Primeval may be the the guild for you. We're a close group of friends and family that raid twice a week (the guild consists of mostly couples), Tuesday and Thursday 830 to 11pm est. We've been raiding together since the end of Wrath.

We're more on the casual side of things and are currently 6/6 in vaults 10man, and 2/6 in HoF 10man. I feel we'd would probably be a bit further along, but we lost a few weeks of raiding to hurricane sandy/coinciding vacations. We like to down new bosses but we remember we're playing a game and want to have fun while doing it. Right now we've got a few members looking to step down from core raid spots due to real life and would like to replace them, and I think you and your wife would be a fantastic fit.

If you want feel free to contact someone in guild (just /who primeval, everyone is nice. Except for that Joy guy.), check us out on our website (http://primevalthrall.wordpress.com/), or get in touch with someone via battletag (Myself at Gundari#1526 or Chrisrysdyk@gmail.com)

I'll add you and keep an eye out as well!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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