Looking for Normal ToES group(s)

Title pretty much says it. I took a break from WoW during Heroic DS and recently returned during this tier, and I'm looking to do a little catching up to the rest of my guild's raid group in terms of gearing and being ready for when 5.2 hits.

Best times for me would be evenings on Sunday, Tuesday, or Friday but could probably work out other times, particularly mornings and afternoons. Also not going to be picky and even 3/4 is fine with me but I have pretty much the entire aforementioned days available so I have plenty of time if the group is still doing this as progression.

Also I am potentially willing to consider doing a paid 4/4 but that is of course dependent on the asking price and when it would be happening.

If you have such a group going and have any availabilities, please contact me in-game via tell or mail. I will most commonly be on this character or my mage Hesperian.
New raid week and still looking, same times as above.

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