Ret Unique RBG spell Ideas

How is a 6second blind not considered a cc?
I mean, even with a cast time in 5.2..
You'll still be able to go from repentance x 3 into a HoJ into a casted blinding light.

But we are talking about ret here not holy and as any ret with half a brain will no that repentance is the weakest talent for ret in that tier.

I don't think more cc in this game is the answer but we defently need some sort of aoe ability/buff/debuff to bring something unique and WANTED for rbgs.. And arena without affecting our PVE balance to much
As much as I like most of these ideas, our bars are already filled with more necessary abilities than most. I have 1-9, shift+1-9, 3 mouse buttons, and about 6 other letter keys bound right now, and thats just for pve.
Holy had plenty of cc. Also a 6 second aoe blind is NOT cc. It's a defensive cooldown.

someone clearly has no clue what there talking about
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The rest... junk no body wants in pvp but rages at you if you don't use lol.

lol this is so true!! lol
01/30/2013 02:19 PMPosted by Ghostcrawler
We agree that Retribution does not offer enough benefits to an Arena or Battleground team beyond just taking a Holy paladin. We are going to try a change where Hand of Sacrifice also dispels all harmful magic effects on the target for Ret only.

Interesting choice by GC. Not really sure a magic removal on a 2 min cooldown will be enough to compete with all the aoe cc though.
Buy a naga mouse and get healbot addon..
There goes 2/3rds of your keybinds
Something to keep in mind with these spell suggestions is GCD real estate. Fixes that are added to spells we already use don't take up time we would be dpsing, thus they don't have to be as powerful to be effective. The road GC is going down is a friendly one to people that already think our damage is low, because we don't have to sacrifice a gcd to gain the buff other then the gcd we already use.

My problem is that the spell he is adjusting isn't cast often enough to have the kind of impact real change has to make. This and denounce, like I have seen in other threads, added to TV would be enough I think to change the tide though.

Also, I added some suggestions from various other threads I have been reading. Make sure to check OP, and most of all add your own ideas! Blizz is watching!
01/30/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Tenacius
re-typing is so meep

My first one was Hand of Retribution which the Op cleaned up from my post in the blue post about abilities.

Hand of Retribution
You place the Hand spell on an enemy target and 50% of the damage they deal is reflected back to them up to 50% of the paladins health.
Or it is placed on to a friendly target and 50% of the dmg dealt to them is reflected back to their attackers up to the casting Paladin's health.

this was to go with the idea of Eye for an eye we lost.

Another idea after reading others is making Eye for an Eye a buff to place on a friendly target.
Eye for an Eye: for 10 sec any attack received by friendly target grants them a stacking 5% damage reflection buff for 10 sec, max attack of 10. the damage can not surpass the paladins health.

this is an old idea i had of increase survivability
Shield of Retribution: Place a shield on a friendly target for half of the Paladins health for 6sec if the shield expires after the 6 sec it will deal half of the shields total absorb to a near by enemy. If the shield is destroyed before its time is up it will hit the last target to hit if for its full absorb effect.

Aura of the Light
1.5 minute cooldown
Enemies near the paladin take 35% less healing, allies near the paladin take 35% more healing. Lasts 6 seconds.

The aoe healing increase and decrease sounds fun but i can see where many at first glance would say, it really does not fit the Paladin style.
However since it is for Ret only that we are talking. I think the shear will of wanting retribution on others could let the pally bend the healing around them to suit their ideals for a limited time making the idea useable.
01/30/2013 07:32 PMPosted by Néat
I have 1-9, shift+1-9, 3 mouse buttons, and about 6 other letter keys bound right now, and thats just for pve.

Who the hell uses all 1-9, and then also uses 1-9 with a shift modifier....

Is that even possible to hit.... Shift + 9? lololololol wtf...

Try using your F buttons man and ~....

i'm still laughing at this.

I have large hands. And I do use F. Had you actually read the post, you would have learned that I use 6 other letter keys in addition to all of that, those 6 are F G H R T and V
If you think pallys have too many abilities you should really try a druid. By level 70 something I was running out of key binds and i use 1-7, f1-f5, shift + 1-4, and v, e, f, c, and q (all this shift as well). Also z but with no modifiers.

I really like the idea of bringing back ret aura. I think that would solve our biggest problem which is getting trained down by everybody in any PvP setting. we need something to make people think twice before training us down. Plus retribution aura would help with sustain damage in a sort of backwards way. It would also have a minimal affect on our raid damage. So we dont have to worry about it making us op in pve. Just make the reflected damage give us threat and we don't have to worry about ret making the boss kill itself on the tank since we would pull him

Edit: Op, if you havent already, you should repost this thread in the bg or arena forums since devs would be more likely to read it.
02/01/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Icandygriz
Edit: Op, if you havent already, you should repost this thread in the bg or arena forums since devs would be more likely to read it.

I will try that. I was trying to avoid a flame fest.
Unfearable for 3 seconds when Freedom is casted, castable while feared on self. Make it so.

Seriously, we're FKN paladins! We can make the dead run away in fear! No one else does that! Death is afraid of US. AND YET WE HAVE NO FEAR BREAKS?

Ok, ok. Layin' off the caplock for now.

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