500 ilvl SV Hunter LF H. Raid Guild (Soon)

I'm currently going to be leaving Mannoroth-Alliance soon, looking to see If I can possibly grab a raid spot within the next 2 weeks.

7/16 heroic, blahs blahs.

Here's my armory:


Btw, I love to raid. I love to eat. I love long walks on the beach. I love girls and comedy.

Ty for reading.
Looking for 10-man raid spot** forgot to mention.
What times/days are you looking for?
(You're not going to get into Exodus/Vodka)
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(You're not going to get into Exodus/Vodka)
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Looking for 10-man raid spot** forgot to mention.

followed by:

01/26/2013 07:17 PMPosted by Pajuh
(You're not going to get into Exodus/Vodka)

= retarded 2nd post.
Heya, I'm running a little weekend group that is 3/6 msv heroic 16/16 progressing smoothly.

We play sat/sun(1pm server to 4pm server) most of us like to keep our evenings free.
We also do a little clean up monday if we can get the right people together :)
My battle ID is johnpal#1331 if you want to talk
Hey Natural Order may be interested in a man of your skills, ill post our information Bellow, but feel free to contact me in game as well (Recruiting officer battletag is #Wat1375

Quick Facts:
- We are on Stormrage (PVE), Alliance side.
- Our time zone is eastern.

- Raid Times Starting in 5.2
- Tuesday 7:30 to 11:30
- Wednesday 7:30 to 11:30
- Sunday 7:30 to 11:30

After reaching 4/6 HMSV25 we decided to temporarily reduce the size of our raid to 10 man to foster stronger raiding progression for the rest of the tier. Now that it has been a few months and we have had a solid showing in the ten man bracket; achieving 6/6h 3/6h and 1/4H in a short period of time we have decided that while 10 mans have been successful for us they are not really where we want to be as a guild. For the upcoming Throne of Thunder raid we really want to get back into 25man.

The type of players we are currently looking for are skilled progression raiders with a history of heroic raiding, If you are a exceptional player, even without a history feel free to apply because we are considering all applicants.

Currently our raid times have been temporarily extended from the normal Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday trinity we normally run to a 5 day schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Our reasons for this is that while the ten man change has worked out well for progression we were left with more people then we really had room for in a singular ten man, but not enough for a secondary ten man so we instead opted to a extended schedule were certain people play on certain days, but when 5.2 hits we plan on returning to a 3 night 25M schedule.

To apply, visit http://www.naturalorderguild.com/recruitment

If you have any questions, PM the following officers in-game: Akraen, Watario, Garfal, Combipup, or really any of our members!
Hi Davethenasty,

<Phoenix Rising> is a horde 10 man guild looking for a competent hunter like yourself. We are currently 16/16N 2/16H. We raid Tue/Thu/Sun from 8 to 11 pm server time. We would be willing to offer you a core raid spot if you can make those times every week. If you're interested, please add my battletag (Balbanes#1699) or send me a PM on our website.


Hope you find what you're looking for.

Would weekends work for you fri/sat? 25man?

Ignis Aurum Probat

US – Mal'Ganis (PVP) - Horde

Raid Schedule

Friday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)
Saturday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)

About Us

Our membership is comprised of adults with raiding experience that stretches back to Vanilla. As avid gamers, we play other games too but our hearts have always been set on progression raiding in World of Warcraft. Our players often hang out in Mumble outside of raids and take advantage of opportunities to meet up in real life. Some of us have been gaming with each other for years and attended the last two BlizzCons to hang out and meet other players from Mal'Ganis.

Our roots on this server go back to the founding of <Show Us Your Crits> in early 2009, which later became <Crits> and then <Classic>, which is still going strong as a successful 10m raiding guild. As our group returns to 25m raiding, we're looking for other motivated, dedicated, and mature players to round out a roster of 30-35 active raiders and alts. We do not recruit for bench positions and all players will see raid time. Loot distribution is a pretty laid back loot council, with decisions based on many factors, but with improving overall raid performance as the primary consideration.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send a tell or in-game mail to Coäl (battletag OnlyLucky13#1772), Darkautumn (battletag Darkash#1564), Softkittyy (battletag Bumbler#1223), or Solamonk (battletag Solacuss#1222). Alternatively, you can contact us through our website.
<Nailed It>
Level 25--Mal'ganis Horde


Raid Teams & Times

Team: Plan B (10/16 Heroic 10 man)
Lead: Gabborn
Friday - Monday: 8:30a-11:30a (CST)
Speak with Gabborn in game
Needs: Exceptional players

Team: Serious Hair 16/16N 1/16 H
Wed/Fri/Sun 8pm server
Lead: Crescen
Speak with Crescen, Fleasus, or Bazerka in game
Needs: 1 DPS, ele shaman or hunter preferred

Team: No Bloodlust Needed!
Time: Saturday- Sunday 7:30- 10:30pm
Lead: Greypigeon
Speak with greypigeon, Greysparrow, Blacktyme in game

Team: T-Rex
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am
Lead: Jandvia
Speak with Faithmelt in game or apply on forums
Needs: Exceptional DPS and 1 RDruid/Rshaman

Speak with the appropriate leader for more information

Each team runs independent of one another with a focus on heroic progression

Guild Rankings:
Check these sites to see our previous progress
WoWProgress- wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Nailed+It
World of Ranks- worldofranks.com/info/guild/ZyfR
Guild Ox- www.guildox.com/wow/guild/us/Mal%27Ganis/Nailed+It
WoWTrack- wowtrack.org/guild/US/Mal%27Ganis/Nailed%20It

What we expect from you:
We are looking for dedication, excellent attendance, experience, intelligence, commitment, and excellent attitude. Know your class, have a mic, show up prepared just like the rest of us. Be pleasant to raid with.

What you can expect from us:
We will raid on time and end on time. Flasks and food provided for every raid. A fun group of players to spend the evening with. A calm, fun and progressive raid environment. Fair, clear and positive leadership.

Our Goals:
We're an established raiding guild on US Mal'ganis. We're looking for positive, influential and quality players to join our different progression teams. Our focuses are on Raiding progression, RBG/PVP, and a fun atmosphere. If you'd like to enjoy your time in WoW with a fun, strong and active guild, now is your chance!

We're interested in every type of player, so please don't be intimidated if you aren't a raider! We are a very active guild, with 30-70 online at a time!

We're also seeking Raid & RBG Leaders to start/bring in their own team with added benefits of leadership. Don't start your own guild from the ground up, join us and have every resource at your fingertips! We are a very laid back guild and would enjoy your company

Please check: naileditguild.com for more detailed information about our guild and different opportunities!
Mal'ganis is full.
02/15/2013 06:59 PMPosted by Acog
Mal'ganis is full.

The queue times are unbearable :(

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