(H) Chairman of the Horde 10 man LFM

Chairman of the Horde are a casual guild looking to fill spots in our two raid teams.

We have raids from 8-10pm Friday and 7-10pm Sunday for one group and 8-10pm Wednesday and 8-10pm Sunday for the other group.

We are keen to get a dps and backup tank for the Wednesday group and a dps and backup healer for the Friday group. We can be flexible in our recruitment.

Reply here or look for Actiniaria, Roseamore or Oberonn online.
I would like to know if those time are Est. Also, would you use an enhance shaman (resto off) in your wenesday group. I may have other question if the answer to those are yes.

Oh looking at other post in here i think its oceanic server nvm then
Hi Ticopino.

Yes Aman'Thul is oceanic. For any others interested the time listed is server time.

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