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Im still kinda new to pet battles. Mostly going off of my friend as she tries to help me out. Anyway I don't have a lot of Humanoid pets but I got a Flawless Humanoid Battle-Stone in one of my bags the other day. I have absolutly no idea what to use it on and was looking for some advice. I know Humanoid battle pets aren't the best (to my knowledge) but id like to use it on a good one. Im willing to farm for a good one...not just limited to what I have. Suggestions?
The best pets to use the stones on are the ones that you can't capture as a rare. (The ones you learn from items are by default uncommon and can only be rare if you use stones)

Curious Oracle Hatchling
Curious Wolvar Pup
Father Winter's Helper
Winter's Little Helper

are the one's that are uncommon by default.

Hope that helps

edit: also, if you want a good humanoid pet get the Anubisath Idol. I don't have it myself, but I heard it's pretty OP

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