[A] Carried (25) Recruiting for H Progression

5/14 (10H) Aussie guild, transitioning to 25 man~
Recruiting dedicated and exceptional players of all class/specs esp. DPS

Raid days - Wed/ Thursday/ Monday 1.30 am ST

Interested parties pls contact Vayue/ Lizele in game :)
b U m P :) :)
b u m p :)~~
bump recruiting for 5.3!~
bump *farts on Vayue*
Contact me in-game if you like.

Horde have !@#$ min/max racials for prot anyway :))
woops wrong thread
Not where you parked your car lexsor?
buMp~~~ :):)
bump, free xfer from Tich to Blackrock, come join us :):)

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