[A] Chronic Delusions recruiting now

Chronic Delusions, LvL 25, 1/6 HMV 4/6 HoF are looking for an experience (485+) mage to fill out our 10 man group. We potentially have room for a healer with DPS off-spec. (non priest/monk)

Raid times:
tues, thurs, and fri: 8pm til 11pm server

Visit CHRONICDELUSIONS.GUILDPORTAL.COM to apply or pst myself, Newmen or Beornegar in game for more information
ANOTHER BUMP STILL NEED THAT MAGE! Literally only cloth wearing dps in the raid if we get one.
Another bump for recruiting plus progression we are now 3/4 ToES this evening should have another additional progressive push.
Well this is weird. How is it that you've completed ToES but haven't finished HOF? That's odd. Also, how come like 30 people have left your guild in the past couple of weeks? Also odd. Hey, and didn't you just recruit a mage? Yeah, I remember, because he got you into ToES. Interesting that you're still recruiting for a mage even though you have him. Could it be that you're just using him to get into the raid you're too lousy to get to yourself?

Seriously, steer clear of this group of losers and their jerk of a leader. They are bleeding members because nobody can stand him. (Imagine someone who puts you on ignore, then keeps sending you whispers... yeah. That guy.) They came over from a god awful server where you could count on 1 hand the number of Alliance raiding guilds, and yet they weren't even in the top 3. They figured the problem must be a lack of skilled players to pug in, so they jumped ship, and are now stinking up Korgath. Maybe now they'll realize that they are the problem.

Unless, of course, you like 20 minute mid-raid pauses to watch boss videos, followed by incorrect instructions from the guild leader who can't seem to understand the video he just watched. Or someone yelling at everyone like they are children. Or snail's pace progression. If that's the case, then this is the guild for you! And while you're there, maybe you can go ask Deathwing to explain to them what "progression" means. He's still waiting for them in Dragon Soul.

Of course, none of this will matter to you, as in all likelihood they will have died by the time you read any of this.

P.S. Inb4 they try and say that I'm just mad because they kicked me. Since half the guild left a few weeks ago, I've stayed behind only to watch the circus that it has become. I haven't raided with them because they are terrible. 50 attempts at Amber Shaper should tell you that. I stayed because I wasn't done pissing him off to no end, and he only kicked me when he got enough dps to replace me and it became clear to him that I wasn't going to raid with him any more. Not to mention, I pointed out how they had to cheat their way into Terrace. You didn't kick me, I simply chose to piss you off until you exploded. Much more entertaining than just quitting.
u mad you got kicked bro?
I'm just mad I stayed as long as I did. Dealing with a guy who says "u mad bro" was painful.
lol well have fun bud wish ya the best of luck.....oh yea and bump!

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