[H] <Destructive Influence>10m LFM

We are currently looking for three DPS.

Destructive Influence started raiding on 1/2/2013. We have killed up to The Spirit Kings on normal as a guild and we are getting close to a kill on Elegon.

Our Raid times are Sunday through Tuesday 9:00pm to 11:30pm Sever time (EST).

For more details visit our website at http://diz.guildlaunch.com or contact Geách , Kashaginn or Gabkcoc in game. I can also be contacted via battle tag which is Geach#1440.
I'm interested in speaking with you in game about your raid group. I'll keep an eye out for you. You can also look for me on Origumbi or Orizandi. Origumbi is an arcane mage and Orizandi is a resto druid with feral offspec.

Still looking for solid dps.

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