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UPDATE (2/11):

And the winner is …



To everyone who submitted an entry, please know that this contest was incredibly difficult to judge. Every story was great and well-written; in the end, we liked the twist given to Elder Riversong.

Shalune, we will be adding your story to our library, both on our guildsite and Tumblr, with proper credit given to you.

As requested by the winner, a total of 3,500 gold will be sent to both Roulette and Lotuslilly (from Nothrotes). Congratulations!

Also: If you submitted a story and would like it archived in our “library,” please post here and let us know!

Wyrmrest Accord, thank you so much for your generosity. We thought this would be a fun little prompt to write to, but had no idea the outpouring of support and encouragement from others. We will definitely be holding another one of these for a future holiday event.

Much love,
The Mageroyal Society

p.s. Philomene and Paílla, please check your mail.


Topic: Lunar Festival Elders
Word count: Unlimited
Deadline: Midnight (ST), February 8th
Grand prize: Winner's choice of Blizzard Store pet OR 1000g* This prize is available to both factions. Winners will be announced on Monday, Feb. 11th.

The <Mageroyal Society> will be judging and selecting the winning entries. There is no minimum/maximum word count. Some qualities we will be watching for are: good use of grammar and punctuation, spelling, how well it fits into the gaming universe, and of course - entertainment value.

All Elders are up for grabs - you do not need to reserve one. If more than one person writes about the same elder, that’s okay!

Important: Winners of this contest agree that their work will be preserved in the Society’s library (a thread on our guild site, as well as publication on our Tumblr, with proper credit given to the author). We would also like to repost your story in the winner’s announcement thread.
01/28/2013 02:30 PMPosted by Vandrysse
Have you ever stopped to wonder who the Elders were? Our challenge to you is to use your creativity and come up with their stories! Why were they important enough that their spirits reappear during this time, at their particular locations, offering wisdom and guidance?

...THIS IS SUCH A NEAT IDEA. Capslock, that's how neat.
I have to figure out a time to scheduleclear for some writing, fff. That's a really cool prompt.
Servitors of Lothar would like to donate 5000g to the winner should the winner be Alliance. Should the winner be Horde, you are responsible for getting your gold back to redside.
Oh goodness - thank you so much, Philomene and Servitors of Lothar!
This is so great, I love things like this that bring the community together.

I'm an avid author, and if it weren't for my competition-a-phobia, I would definitely write a piece for this.

Good luck, everyone!
Wow, you guys are excellent! Thanks a ton for the support, Philomene and Servitors of Lothar! :D
01/28/2013 03:13 PMPosted by Drakali
I'm an avid author, and if it weren't for my competition-a-phobia, I would definitely write a piece for this.

Don't be scared! You should show us what you have in you.
Ohhh. I'm rather tempted! I have to get over my competition-a-phobia too.
1000k...? You mean 1000g, right?
Hm... give me a bit to burn some midnight oil, I might do a piece with my nelf.
01/28/2013 05:02 PMPosted by Viezra
1000k...? You mean 1000g, right?

Haha, yes - thanks for pointing that out!
01/28/2013 05:00 PMPosted by Reluraun
I have to get over my competition-a-phobia too.

You can do it :D

The most important thing is that you have fun coming up with a story!
...actually, I'd be pleased to donate 1k on Horde-side if you have need of it, and another 1k from Springheart Salves on Alliance!
01/29/2013 06:49 AMPosted by Ziichi
...actually, I'd be pleased to donate 1k on Horde-side if you have need of it, and another 1k from Springheart Salves on Alliance!

That's amazing, Ziichi - thank you! We appreciate everyone's generosity and support.
My chance for the Cinder Kitten has arrived at last.

Does our story have to adhere strictly to lore or can we just go nuts?
01/29/2013 10:18 AMPosted by Madican
Does our story have to adhere strictly to lore or can we just go nuts?

Short answer: Go nuts!

Long answer: We know there are a lot of openings in lore, especially for a prompt like this, that I can’t say it has to strictly abide by it. As long as, y'know, no one’s trying to seriously assert that Skychaser the Elder is really Voldemort in disguise.

Humorous stories and parodies obviously get more leeway.

You’re a great writer, so naturally I’d be curious to see what you have in mind!
I'd just like to echo Vandrysse and Ellister here and thank you to everyone for your amazing outpouring of support for this!
*squee* What a spiffy idea!
My submission, entitled Elder Bladeleaf.

1600(ish) words, all of it made up on the spot, and I make no claims to the correctness or veracity of the lore. I just happened to notice that Bladeleaf was a last name shared by several elves, so I decided they were family.

Author’s Note-

This is a submission for a writing contest being held on Wyrmrest Accord, for one of my favorite holidays in World of Warcraft, the Lunar Festival. It was written in about an hour, and is just over 1600 words long. I make no claims that the lore here is correct or even remotely usable, I simply made up what I thought would make a good story. I hope you enjoy it. <3

Three elves stood around a small home in Dolanaar, waiting patiently for night to fall. Malorne, Syral, and Hannah Bladeleaf stood in a loose semicircle around a quiet patch of grass, each one with an expression of expectation upon their peaceful faces. Several other elves gathered around, some holding flowers, or a small basket with an offering of food, and each elf held a reverent silence in the twilight.

As the bell above the Inn in Dolanaar began to ring, several of the elves perked up, ears rising, excitement building among the crowd. Some of them shifted in place, one or two adjusted their grips on their offerings, a soft smile graced the lips of another.

Ding, went the bell, the first of eight.

Ding. The second strike signaled a change in the air above the gathered crowd, a gentle light winking into existence above their heads as the third bell rang.

Ding, went the bell again. The circle of light began to grow until it was almost three feet wide, and began to spread down toward the ground like the boughs of a weeping willow, gentle and slow as the breeze upon the grass.

Ding went the fourth bell, and Hannah’s hands came up to her mouth in silent expectation.

Ding came the fifth bell as the light touched the ground, forming a solid ring of light that began to glow ever brighter.

Ding, the bell rung a sixth time, the light brightening ever further until it was almost unbearable, but never losing that gentle quality that it held.

Ding, the bell rung the seventh time. A shape began to form within the light, a tall elf with his hands clasped in front of his chest, his expression rapturous, his body translucent.

The final bell rang with a louder ding. Or maybe it only seemed louder because the expectation within the crowd had grown so high, but it seemed to hang on the air for ages, the sound reverberating around the quiet village of Dolanaar. The ring of light around the male elf slowly sank down to the ground around him, seeming to reverse as it did, instead of falling it seemed to rise into the sky, brightest around his feet. Once the ring touched the ground, his eyes opened, taking in the crowd around him, and a gentle smile graced his lips as his eyes touched each of the three elves standing in a semi-circle around the place he’d appeared.

As the sound of the bell faded away into the now-fallen night, his head turned to the silent crowd and nodded only once, before his mouth opened. Lunar Festival has begun.

A quiet, polite, reverent applause rippled through the crowd for a moment, and then each of the three elves, Malorne, Syral, Hannah, went to their knees around him. “Father… Elder Bladeleaf”, spoke Syral, the alchemist, and her head rose to gaze up at him.

Malorne’s eyes rose next, a smile gracing his lips, man to man. “It is good to see you again, Uncle.”

Hannah’s gaze was the last to rise, and sadness and happiness seemed to be warring upon her face. She gazed upon him for a long moment before she broke the tension by speaking. “My husband. My love. Welcome back to us.”

She stood, and the two shared a gaze that only lovers could understand, and her hand went out to him. It passed through the ring of light with ease, and he placed his hand upon hers, his incorporeality meaning that his partially phased through her own. A single tear ran down her cheek, and she brought her hand back to her lips to press a kiss to her fingers.

He nodded once, his hand wanting to follow hers, but as his fingers broke the circle of light, they faded away into nothingness, reappearing only when he drew his hand back into the circle.

(Continued next post. <3 )
The three elves stepped to the side, Syral placing her arms around Hannah’s waist to comfort her, as each elf from the village of Dolanaar stepped forward to grant him their offerings, ask for his advice, greet him as an old friend, or simply pay their respects to the Elder.

One elf stepped forward, her head bowed in respect, and asked a quiet question. “How does one become an Elder, Elder Bladeleaf?”

He smiled at her, then began to answer. “Each Elder is chosen by the elves of the Kaldorei for what they can offer, for the wisdom they can share, for the experience that they can call upon, for the advice and counsel they can give. Elders are those who accept the call, who allow the ritual to take place. Upon their death, the Elder’s body is committed to Elune, their spirit rising to the stars and moon above to be with Her until the Lunar Festival, when her grace calls us to our lands once more to share of ourselves with you, the people that we love.” His glance stole to Hannah, and her smile only brightened.

“In this way, the Elders may ensure that the sacrifices of our people during the time of the Burning Legion’s invasion will never be forgotten, and our wisdom may be passed so that the mistakes of the past shall never be repeated. We keep alive the hope that our victory over the demons embodied.”

“Each Elder undergoes three trials, the Trial of Wisdom, the Trial of Experience, and the Trial of Honor, to ensure that we shall embody the virtues that each Elder is expected to uphold. Each trial is unique to the Elder that it is given to, and though it follows a theme, only the Elder who completes it, and the one who gave it to them, will ever know what it was. So you see, little one, you do not become an Elder. You simply are, and if you are, you will be found and asked to take your place among us, to appear year after year in the time of the Lunar New Year, the Lunar Festival, to offer your wisdom and experience to all.”

He bowed, his hands clasped in a prayerful manner before him, and each elf in the crowd around him did the same. Each year someone asked how to become an elder, and each year Elder Bladeleaf’s answer was the same. Many remained until the question was asked, simply wanting to hear him recount the story once more.

Each Elf approached him in turn, the crowd slowly dwindling, until only his family remained. Syral stepped close and blew a soft kiss to her father, smiling at him once more before glancing off to the road. “I have a pickup to make in Darnassus, father. The ship is supposed to come in tonight.”

He nodded once, his smile holding only pride. “You surpass even my greatest expectations for you year after year, my daughter. Your shop is more successful each time I appear. Keep yourself safe, Hannah. I expect to see you here next year.” He bowed to her, his head lowered.

She returned the gesture, and as she straightened, said quietly, “Of course, Father. I am glad that I could see you again.”

As she moved away, Malorne took her place. “It’s good to see you again, Uncle.” He nodded his head respectfully, which Elder Bladeleaf returned.

“You are doing well?”

“I have been training with the Druids. They say I have promise, but it is… difficult.” She gave a soft shrug of his shoulder.

Elder Bladeleaf’s eyes traveled up toward Syral as she walked away from him, and then he turned back to Malorne. “You are keeping my daughter happy, yes?”

Malorne’s response was only a nod. “We might be expecting soon.”

The Elder grinned happily. “I am proud of you two. Now… could I have a word with Hannah?”

“Of course, Unc.” He smirked and offered a wave to the Elder. They weren’t related by blood, but he’d taken on Syral’s family name out of respect, even though he could have kept his own. He strode away into the Inn, to get ready to greet the first adventurers that would surely be coming to receive the Elder’s blessing and wisdom soon. He’d try to hold them off for just a little longer, so Hannah and the Elder could spend just a few moments together before Elder Bladeleaf was occupied for the entire holiday.

“So… Hannah, my love. It is good to see you once more…” Bladeleaf’s eyes beheld only her face, as they had done year after year. Hannah always made sure to take a few days of leave from the Sentinels, just so she could be nearby him for the short period that he’d be among his people again.

“You know it brings my heart joy to see you. I almost didn’t make it back this year.” She raised her Sentinel armor along her side to expose the still-healing scar. “The Orcs are beginning to push in Ashenvale once more.”

“I know, dearest.”

She stepped closer, almost enough that their bodies could touch, if only he were solid.

(Continued next post. <3)

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