WTS profession Kits!

^^^^ UPPP!!! ^^^^

:) still open for orders!
==>>> Will be on Vacay on from may 14th - 20th!! <<<====

Wont be able to take Orders during these days!! but leave me a mail anyway and I'll get back to you as soon as I can ! :D

- Happy Hunting!
>> All Kits due Yesterday and today were met!!! <<

Going on Vacay For a week, Orders are stacking up for the week of May 19th - 25!!
Although Im gone for a week, this doesn't mean I wont be taking orders! :)

LEATHERWORKING kit wont be available anymore.

I wont be able to farm leathers needed to complete a leather working kit as of May 13,2013.

I take that back, I'm interested in an Eng kit only. Sent you an in-game message.
Another good time to bump up the post! :) since I've always forgot to do so :P
Up Up UP!!!!!
Alchemy Kit on hand - Rush sale! :) 8k!!! buyer has been ignoring my in-game mails for a week now! :(

The kits i offer are as follows

Alchemy 19k
Engineering 22k
Blacksmith 26k
Enchanting 32k
Leatherworking 28k
Inscription 22k
Tailoring 22k

For those who have been complaining about my Prices, I found this just searching thru google on how much people sell their profession kits, My prices are low compared to how much people sell theirs on other servers and even on our server, so if you do not like the price go ahead and whisper others in trade chat who has been selling kits, I guarantee you mine will still be lower.

Also, Not mad :P just tired of people ordering kits, after confirming the price and due date and they end up not buying it at all, would be nice if I can get a notice if you cant afford it. :) thank you.

Happy Hunting ^-^
:) UP
ENG kits being sold like crazy!! Order yours now! :)
Highly recommended!

Bought a couple of kits from her for alts. Worked perfectly.

Not taking any kit orders atm.

Only exception would be :
> Returning Customers
> Friends

Sorry! :(
Hello Stormreaver! :D Good news! Im reopening my Kit Shop! :D

Now taking orders yet again! For profession kits.
Same thing goes.
Send me an in-game mail on what profession and when you want it.
Please note that I will be doing this by orders so put a deadline to it.
Im only human! I can only farm so much!
:D just got done a couple eng kits and some nice Alchy ones! :) NEED MORE ORDERS!
:O WOOOOOO!!!! SO Many Threads to bump! >.>
Hey Faize! I added you to Battletag, would be interested in talking prices for either a JC or BS leveling kit, depending on prices. If we can come to a reasonable price I will be happy to toss you the gold up front(seeing as it looks like you've had trouble with people dipping on orders)and you can have it ready whenever is convenient for you.
01/26/2013 05:23 AMPosted by Faize
Price range you wish to pay

Yeah about that.... How about some updated prices of kits, that would be more helpful.
02/19/2014 08:54 PMPosted by Nationaltrus
01/26/2013 05:23 AMPosted by Faize
Price range you wish to pay

Yeah about that.... How about some updated prices of kits, that would be more helpful.

how hard is it to whisper me ? or send me an in-game mail ?
there are discounts to multiple kits and discounts to returning costumers / guildies / friends. putting up a price for every single profession and the discount that goes with it is just too much work and im lazy.

and the discount varies. so yeah, they can just mail me or whisper me. not to mention I match competitor prices.

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