Incursus- Healers/ Ranged Dps

Burning Legion
Incursus, recently transferred to Burning Legion is currently recruiting:
-Resto Druid
-Mistweaver or Holy Paladin

We are 7/16 and hope to push hard into heroic content when we have a reliable raid line-up.
Raid times are 7-11pm server(central-time) tuesday, thursday, and possible sunday.
Applicants looking for a raid position need to have 100% attendance(emergencies are understandable) and the chat program Mumble.
Understand that all raid positions are competitive and if you are interested in joining, message Rothmos, or Ravid in game. or send us mail in game with your information regarding your raid experience and character you wish to raid with. OR you can post on this thread and I will try and respond as quickly as possible

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