Recruiting Shaman healer, Lock for 10m raid

TRIBÜTE is a level 25, 10m raiding guild looking for a few new people to round out our core raiding group.

We are currently seeking a Shaman healer, Warlock, Druid tank with DPS OS.

Raid times are Mon - Thur 10p to 12a server. We are 10/16 normal, looking to finish all current content in the next couple of weeks. We'd like to begin working on Heroic raids ASAP.

We're a small group, not looking to build to a 25 man raid, but we need a couple of alternates to aid in our progression.

Our 10 man is solid, good people, laid back, good players. Real life schedules have been the largest obstacle for us to overcome, that's where the new folks will fit in.
We're not recruiting people so they can sit, we're recruiting so everyone can advance. There are no loot !@#$%s here. Everyone in this guild is prepared to do what is best for the guild.

Mandingo Buckworth Worthington VXIII,

PST or go to:

All Applications welcome.

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