6 people looking for spots

Burning Legion
So, theres 6 of us transferring to this server to get away from 100% of the scrubs on our server.

Tank- Pally
Healers- (Me off heals)
Warlock x2

We are in search of a Tank and 2 heals to continue on with content. 5 of us are ex top 100 us players WoL and World guilds.
If your interested shoot me a message here or my Btag Snackz#1210
Gl, our server is worse. #baddecisions2013
>_> sounds interesting
01/26/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Flayz
Gl, our server is worse. #baddecisions2013

Flayz is just grumpy don't mind him.
We have spots available for you if you are willing to choose Alliance!

Applicants must...
- Be geared for the content without being a hindrance
- Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
- Be GOOD at your jobs and be willing to take criticism and advice.
- Be willing to attend 90%+ of raids. The vast majority of our members are at 90%+ lifetime attendance.
- Be willing to provide your own raid mats
- We do ask you have a good understanding of the fights before applying.

Raid Times - Tues, Thurs 8 pm

Good luck and welcome to Burning Legion
- Timewarp
Hey there Fatsnackz

About us:
Guerrilla Warfare Unit is a 21+ multi-gaming community. Our WoW division is relatively new, and was started in MoP. We recently experienced some raid turnover and are looking to revamp our raid group to push through heroic MSV and normal HoF/ToES.

Current Progression:
6/6 MSV
2/6 HoF
0/4 ToES

Due to raider turnover, we've had to halt our progression, and we're looking for a number of quality players to get the gears going again.

Raid Times:
Tu/W/Th 9:00pm-12:00pm CST

In order to raid with us you've got to have the following:
1. TeamSpeak 3 Client
2. DBM
3. Preparation. You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having all potions and flasks that you will need for the duration of the raid. As we expand, we may provide flasks/potions.
4. Skill and Dedication. At GWU, we hold a standard of excellence and as such we expect all raiders to perform at near optimal levels. Core raiders are also expected to be dedicated to progression and furthering the guild.

Our Loot System:
Free roll (We also have a loot council to make sure gear distribution is distributed for the best interest of the raid group)

At GWU, our ultimate goal is to make any gaming environment we play in fun for everyone involved. If you want to become a part of a growing, fun, and extremely active community, then I encourage you to register and apply at our website, www.gwubase.com.

Feel free to add me at KingGoblin #1740. Would love to talk to you!
Gl, our server is worse. #baddecisions2013Flayz is just grumpy don't mind him.

Orc looks better on you.

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