spirit/rare beast spawns

post time of spawn and type of pet, how long you waited, some god stories about camping with competition! lets talk about a hunters favorite happening, taming a rare beast. personaly im stalking me a spirit ill let you know when i get her :)
First rare tame- acronis
camped for days eventually decided I would not leave that cave until I got my pet. Two other hunters showed up one horde the other alliance. the horde guy went afk pretty quick, I waited for about 2 hours then a level 56 came along and decided he would attack the alliance hunter.... so i killed him for him and a minute later acronis spawned... :)

I also got lucky with terrorpene, skarr, karkin, qual, and quetzal
I was so disappointed that i could not find any spirit beasts. About 2 weeks after posting on forums i found 2 of them! Bear and Skoll both spawned infront of me! 5 days later i was looking for Gondria didnt find it logged off on one of his spawns the triangle looking one, where a friend told me he cought him. I went to study a bit came back an hour or so later and NPC went off GONDRIA! Then went to Sholar Basin, went to where my GM said he cought him did a bg, finished it was about to heart, then i turn around in circles and i see LOQUE that same day! I was so happy :)

Ill help any Horde Hunter cuss i know the frustration of getting them. One usually catches one during an unexpected time.

Loque's my favorite :)
my first one was Arcturis, i was 74 waiting on a dungeon, when i got out i saw him
second one was Loque'nahak this one was on purpose, i made a /tar macro when i got to 78 and when to scholazar basin and spamed it, 20 mins lol i thought i was lucky...
last one was Gondria a friend in my guild said he found and ported me to him to tame
fav one will always be Loque
My first was Articus, I got him at lvl 69. I was leveling via bgs and just queued up at his spot, after a few bgs he was there and I grabbed him. I would say about 2 hours at that spot, I was incredibly lucky, I must have seen five hunter in and out of the area.

I got Skoll and Gondria last night; I am now 90 with the help of a friend or I would have never known they were available. 2 in one night is pretty good though!
First was the bear. Logged in, didnt even know where he spawned and there he was. Switched to BM and tamed him and went on my marry way :P

Pure dumb luck.
Got Loque this morning, after logging out in the north gorilla spawn point. Logged in and screen went red, there he was, just a few feet in front of me. I flew around all day checking all the Northrend spawn pts yesterday, and got the one I wanted most just out of pure coincidence. Especially with CRZ now, finding a spirit beast is as much luck as anything else.
First one was Gondria:

I usually do 2 full circles across northrend and all rare spawns locations.
At the end of the last one, on the LAST point in zul drak, i found Gondria, npcscan exploded and I was with my brother who was watching, I started taming, hands shaking and when I finally got it, I could believe it. The next week, i Tamed my most treasured tame, Skoll (witch I think is the coolest looking with Arcturis), during my morning round. After 1 Month of rounds i got them. Next, 1 week latter, i got Arcturis, only because a friend from other realm invited me and I switched to his realm, and there he was, beautiful bastard.

Ankha and Ban'thalos were early bird tames 2 weeks ago in the morning. I'm still looking for magria and loque, and probably will push on to get karoma and then GC, I don't like karoma though (looks ugly IMO)

To me taming spirit beasts gave me a feeling of succes I never experienced in any other toon, before or after, specially Gondria and Skoll.

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