Resto Shamans in 5.2

Curious as to anyone in ptr able to tell me if resto is still strong in arenas.

With how much enhance shamans lack in both arena and bgs i'm thinking of just going resto and wondering what comps will be optimal in 5.2
Resto will probably be #1 healer in 5.2. It's already probably #1 and the other two healers are taking some nerfs in 5.2.

paladin: 4pc nerf, blinding light nerf, repentance cast increased, ss dispel

druid: displacer nerf, typhoon cd increased by 50%, nature's vigil, etc

Resto shaman are just losing the purge glyph which isn't going to be a game changer or anything. So unless something else lands on PTR I'd say rsham will be #1 healer in 5.2.

I don't see anything in the notes that suggests enh will be significantly better, although all the nerfs to other classes might make them slightly more viable, but I doubt it will be a significant change.
cool thanks...I enjoy the enhance shaman style of playing but sadly i feel like i can't hold my own in arena/bgs

In 2s I seem to spend most of my time figuring out how to stay alive because i'm normally getting trained by double dps teams. So might as well just go resto, better survivability
everyone gets mad at us shamans n say that we are over powered then they say we're gettin nerfed n this shows that we arent gettin a nerf i actually think we are gettin a lil buff due to the new tier set talents which are rather sexy

01/27/2013 07:53 AMPosted by Uptowngirl
paladin: 4pc nerf, blinding light nerf, repentance cast increased, ss dispel

Huh? That is a 4pc buff
We're going from 1 extra holy power after using 3 to getting holy power every time we cast flash of light. If you think that's a nerf then I automatically discount everything you've said and assume you are stupid.
Also, a HUGE number of paladins don't even use repentence and go for fist of justice.

As for blinding light, yeah the nerf sucks but it is not like Blinding Light is a game changer. Its a 2 minute CD and with the team I play on it is not even required in our CC on the healer in 3s. Also, Holy Paladins are tied with resto shamans at 7.1% representation above 2.2k.
01/27/2013 07:20 AMPosted by Sweatstainz
wondering what comps will be optimal in 5.2

RPS... rogue/spriest/shaman imo.

otherwise probably still have good luck with RLS/MLS/Shatterplay/Shadowplay... things like that.

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