[A] 25 man 1/13H tue/wed/thurs 6-9 PST LFM

Guild Recruitment
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head phones fixed!
im tired
its very early in the morning now
bleep bloop blorp im a robot
blah sleepy
Dam college kids, wake up at noon and complain how tired you are waaah
If you apply you can be AWESOME with me
psh 8 isnt noon
this one time
oh where oh where have all the range dps gone?
at band camp
undermanning elite bosses, feels like the old days
raiders we need you
more ranged dps. oh and an amazing main tank pls. where is whitefish when you need him
omg paper done, now just midterm left and i get a break for a while!
hello do you guys need a Ret pally in the raid team, im been looking around the forums looking for a new home for my pally to raid in 25m raid team, i didnt app, at your webside because i dont have any Wol.

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