Cheat To Win 10man (H) in need of raiders

Cheat To Win is a small lvl 25 guild that was founded by a few friends about a month or so ago. we are more of the laid back variety who love to joke around (there will be many jokes of !@#$%^-*!@ity and the sort). have only been raiding for about 3 /12 weeks as a guild group and are currently 9/16 with leadership being 13/16 nm ue to the fact most of us barely got into raiding this expansion. loot is handled by the officers via loot council. and while that can be a scary phrase to hear we feel our council is more than fair at distributing loot evenly and have yet to have run into a member complaining about it being corrupt.

recruitment needs are:

1 tank (dk,pally, warr prefered)
1-2 dps (enh/ele sham, mage, bm/surv hunter)

applicants are prefered to have a 480 ilvl and above. with 6/6 cleared in MV highly preffered. and especially members who can pull there own weight (not looking to carry anyone thru content). we are however firm believers in skil>gear so exception can be made if you are able to show that a lack of gear wont hold you back. also dont be worried if your experience isnt exacly up to par with the rest of the group. we are more than willing to take time to teach new members our strategies for the encounters.

so if you havnt found a guild that fits you. or are still trying to find one because you came into the expansion later than most. then please contact one of our officers and we will iron out the details of a trial run. please note applicants are on a first come, first serve basis as far as tryouts. you can contact either Dredguard, Cephalexin, or Nynybear via whisper or in game mail.

casuals/levelers also welcome!
not sure about raiding times but im posting anyways, resume posted below:

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