470 Ret Pally, Looking for new guild.

Hello everyone. Looking to get into an active raiding guild. My current guild kinda died a month after MoP was released and they don't seem to be coming back for a while. I'm available Tuesday and Wednesday for raiding and I'm down for any challenge dungeons, heroics, even scenarios and LFR. Mainly group content

So yeah, looking to see raids while they're still current and hope that there's a guild that could use someone like me =)
What is your off spec? What times are you available for raiding? Are you wanting to faction change?
Hello Hecklera, if you are open to faction changing, my guild Continental Types has just transferred to Proudmoore and we are looking for new raiders. We have been in existence since 2009, please check out my official post for a bit more back-story. Thank you for your time, and best of luck in your search.

Hi Hecklera, what is your offspec? We're currently looking for a Prot Pally with DPS O/S for raiding on Wednesday nights @ 1am server and Sunday midnight server.

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