Bleeding Hollow TRANSMOG Competition(prizes)

Bleeding Hollow
EDIT: Horde sponsors would be deeply appreciated, the more sponsors the bigger the prizes, the bigger the prizes the more people participate, the more people who participate the more fun this event becomes!

---------->>>>> SUNDAY, February 3rd. 8pm. Darkmoon Faire

I'll keep this short simple and to the point, I will be hosting a Transmog competition. Bring your best transmog sets and win prizes!!
There will be 3 categories-----
-Self explanatory
-Wackiest Transmog ideas you can come up with
-If you can find a way to transmog your gear into some famous character
i.e. The Hulk or something, (idk just spit ballin ideas) (or, if youre a rogue i want the most rogue like transmog you can do, Warlock? Make it dark, grim reaperish? who knows)

There will be prizes to 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category. Prizes and items will total into the thousands :) Some come one come all and Tell yo kids, tell yo wife and let me know if youre interested :)
Event will take place During the Darkmoon Faire this February

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP SPONSOR THE EVENT (Throw in some stuff for winners, contestants, help out and be a judge donate some gold for the winners, and etc.) Please comment on the forums letting me know so i can add you on real id or something, or you can even send me a mail in game to Steezyqt on the ALliance and Steezyyqt on the horde. DONATIONS AND HELP WOULD BE DEEPLY APPRECIATED.

TO CONTACT ME ---> SteezyQT#1434
BOTH FACTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE , hence why it will be held at the Darkmoon Faire
well i already win.
i like the enthusiasm lol
We will see Hobsocke... We will see...
i will have 3 entries
01/26/2013 02:09 AMPosted by Hobsocke
well i already win.

I beat you already.

My Devotion Aura is actually Badass Aura.
none of you are any match to my short shorts and menacing mask
01/26/2013 04:20 AMPosted by Hobsocke
none of you are any match to my short shorts and menacing mask

I only look like I crush Alliance skulls, not like I make the world smile with my off beat brand of humor.
I brought sexy back....fem orc 4lyfe


Can't really top it
<------ Don't even bother showing up children.
I like the idea, I would like to help sponsor the event.

Add me @ Fluxpavilion#1169 and/or I will msg you in-game.
01/26/2013 04:20 AMPosted by Hobsocke
none of you are any match to my short shorts and menacing mask
actually my character entry was going to be you
As a Knight of the Alliance I trump you all.
why is there no s l u t t y category? my transmog doesn't really fit any of the others :'(
Cause every female belf and almost all fem humans and Nelfs rock that "style"

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