Bleeding Hollow TRANSMOG Competition(prizes)

Bleeding Hollow
I have questions about the contest in general, can we have more than one set (because I have a few different one's that are all pretty neat)? And do full tier sets count and if so will that effect originality? I could come in my full Bloodfang set, but that's so 6 years ago, don't get me wrong some sets are reeealllly nice, but don't really take much creative thought, just some grinding.
I suppose you could have one set per category. And to answer the teir question, were looking for creativity. You can come with teir sets by all means, its just not really creative.
Thanks...and another question, does the gear have to be xmog'd gear at applicable ilvl? For instance, can one simply equip any lvl gear item in more of an RP fashion or does it have to actually be xmog'd gear?
So mass ganking outside the portals?
You can equip the gear without physically transmoging it. The only restriction is that the gear is not from current raid content.
01/29/2013 07:58 AMPosted by Lone
So mass ganking outside the portals?

You mean a raid of either horde or alliance going to elwynn/Mulgore to gank people?

I'm not creative enough to participate but I'll help sponsor :) Shoot me an in-game mail/whisper.

Current prizes include:
-Cinderkitten (1)
-Phoenix Hatching (2)

-> I will personally add Blade of Wizardry, Singing Crystal Axe and Staff of Jordan(2) to the pool, depending on the participation and overall prize pool [Alliance only, Sorry :(].
01/28/2013 08:25 PMPosted by Steezyqt
I WOULD HOPE SO, only an hour for a linen cloth lol

That was brutal, my friend. Worth it though!
Could xrealm count if I still have toons on BH? Or would it have to be the BH toon?
If you promise my gold goes to the winner, i'll make a donation. You also must give them a letter I write for them.
90 Blood Elf Hunter

- very nice, duntlosmebro. haven't seen that set.
- hieka also looks nice.
- haven't seen your set, lone. nice set. fix your mace.
Still in need for horde donations to prize pool, aswell as alliance.
Oh yay! I'll see if there is anything i can add to the prize pool! But i will for sure be entering!! :D see you sunday!
Dashe and I have this on lock, in all categories.
Thumbs up for player generated contests/fun. To whom should we send donations on the Horde side? Good luck with this event.
whassup peeps?

You can look good and kill things well!!!
Don't be so sure Necrachilles.

I know who doesn't have the best mog. It's Notsativ.

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