Baerythan's Ashes (Closed/IC)

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Sammuroth smiled when Delsaran basically gave permission for the ashes to be destroyed, which had been his intentions from the start. When his question had been answered he lay back down, seemingly bored now that his question had been answered. He was confident the satyr would not be a problem for him, especially if the "other" inside of him took control somehow. I can't allow that to happen, who knows what he might do to the others, he could feel the demon in the back of his mind, could hear it laughing at him. He growled lightly, as he forced it back down into his mind's depths, his ears perked up as the Night Elf who came in with Delsaran, Balanad he believed he heard him identify himself.

" My name is Sammuroth Stormfury, I am well versed in battle with ten thousand years of experience, I have been known to be a fairly decent strategist, and hunter. Though I am surprised Delsaran didn't tell you of the people he sent for," he looked questioningly at Delsaran, was he the one who had sent for him?

The cat heard the "others" voice in his mind again, " Why do you play nice with these people, it is obvious whoever had been in charge of the ashes was too weak, and pathetic to even deal with a simple satyr."

Sammuroth lay back down, and growled, or perhaps the satyr is stronger than you think,

The demon laughed, " It is a satyr no matter how powerful they become they cannot to hope to ever match a demon of my power, satyrs were my pawns ten thousand years ago."

Sammuroth sent a mental shot back at the "other," can you still boast that power in your current state, the druid hoped that would cow the demon, but he could feel the demon smile, and it chuckled, as it faded back into the depths of his mind. What was that about, the demon's meaning became apparent a moment later, when a shot of pain lanced through his head, he kept himself from flinching, but he would have been lieing if he said that didn't startle him. Had the demon regained that much power, was it only a matter of time before he asserted control, and when he focused he could feel small amounts of dark energy leaking from himself. The cat growled in frustration, and he could feel another tear trickle down his cheek, no matter what he would not let the demon have his body.


Not far away from the meeting a small form shifted between dimensions, as the imp scampered away, giggling all the while. This information would please his master, perhaps he would even get something special, for it, and he couldn't wait to find out what his work earned him.

A few hours later

Illisadel stood inside a demonic circle of summoning, one of his imps, had sent him a mental message that it had vital information that would make him very happy. Finishing the spell he watched as the little imp materialized in the circle, wasting little time he said, " So what was so vital, that you make me waste my energy, and time resummoning you." His master's gaze caused the imp to cower, he had never thought a mortal's glare could be so frightening, he worked up his courage and spoke. "Master, I have discovered the identities, of the Circle's team..." he was cut off as he was lifted in the air, by Illisadel's power, choking the little demon. "You make me waste my time, and energy for this, it doesn't matter who the pathetic Circle sends against me, in the end they will all die, and join the ranks of my undead minions."

The imp could feel the pressure around his neck tightening, through his pained gasps for air, he was able to get one word out, "...Brother..." That word saved the imps life, as he dropped to the ground, "What was that," Illisadel asked in half disbelief, and half giddyness. Coughing the imp replied, "*Cough, cough* Your brother is part of the team," Illisadel quickly marched up to the imp, and the imp flinched, thinking his life at an end, instead he felt a pat on his head, looking up he saw his master smiling at him. "You have done well my minion, Zara, see that this imp receives a suitable reward for his service," the succubus smiled, "as you wish master." Zara came over, and picked the little demon up, and the imp smiled, thinking it was going to receive a grand reward, that thought lasted only a moment, as he began to feel tired.

Looking at the succubus, she just smiled, and the imp could see his life force draining from his body, and flowing into her slightly open mouth. A few moments later the imp fell to the ground, dead, but with a smile on his face, and Zara licked her lips in satisfaction. Illisadel had watched it all with a smile on his face, chuckling all the while, so dear brother, our reunion is soon at hand, and my vengeance will begin

Those who gathered seemed all fairly competent. The human and the death knight seemed out of place, but were eager to serve. Raevien assumed they were mercenaries, they would come for the gold that was offered. She hoped they would survive. Her hands went to check her satchel one last time to make sure they had what they needed.

To her amusement Haerolin covered her hand with his own and he shook his head indicating she did not need to check things for the hundredth time. She smirked at him, knowing he had a point, but it amused her that he caught her so often. It was a game they played with no winner, she often did it just to try and coax a smile from his normally taciturn face. He raised a brow at her and she thought she noticed a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

Tilting her head she whispered to him, "Someday I will forget something...and you will regret stopping me from checking again..." her eyes danced at him as she tried to move her hands and he resisted her efforts. She had to suppress a giggle, as the present company was in a serious effort and she did not wish to make fun of their current problem.

As Sammuroth introduced himself she started to look at him to see who he was. His cat form was not particularly a standout, as all druid cat forms seemed to share a similarity. But something in his manner did evoke a response from Haerolin. The elder Druid frowned and studied the cat druid intently.

Something about Sam made Haerolin uneasy, his scent had a faint whiff of fel. Haer released Raevien's hands and stood up. Approaching the cat, he stood perhaps a few feet away and stared intently. "I am Haerolin Starcaller, my mate is Raevien. The air of Fel surrounds this one, there is more to him than meets the eye. I would have truth walk with us and not hidden motives." he pointed at Sammuroth and stood his ground.

Raevien gasped in shock, "Haerolin..please! Sammuroth is a respected druid of the Claw...this is not the time or place." she hurried to Haerolin's side and tried to bring him back to the side and sit back down. She looked at Sam in apology and almost yelped in surprise as Haerolin pulled her back to stand behind him. His look at her silenced her protests and she stood meekly behind him. He was in one of those moods and would not budge until he was satisfied.

"My name is Sammuroth Stormfury, I am well versed in battle with ten thousand years of experience, I have been known to be a fairly decent strategist, and hunter. Though I am surprised Delsaran didn't tell you of the people he sent for.”

“It is good to meet you Sammuroth,” Balanad smiled at the druid. “As for telling me the people he sent for,” he glanced at Delsaran, “he did. The introductions are merely a formality by which we get acquainted with one another. Would you have rather I introduced you myself?”

When Haerolin turned on Sammuroth, Balanad stepped forward to come between the two men. He was relieved when Raevine intervened, pulling the other druid away. Fel taint? He glanced at the cat before looking at Delsaran who was shaking his head. The warrior had no idea as to how the other druid could see or sense anything on anyone, but Delsaran had put his faith in Sammuroth and Balanad would, too.

“I do not have any concerns about Sammuroth,” Delsaran stepped forward to address Haerolin. “If he had concerns about his ability to serve his people in this capacity, I am certain,” he glanced at the druid in cat form, “that he would have declined to come.

“Now then,” the druid looked around the room, “I think it is time that you made whatever preparations you need for this trip. You will be leaving for Dalaran in three hours. A portal will be waiting for you at Rut’theran Village. May Elune be with you.”

As Delsaran walked out the door, Balanad turned to Ash, “My people are nocturnal, will you be able to adjust to traveling at night and sleeping during the day?”
Sammuroth was startled, from his thoughts, by the male druid advancing on him, he looked at the druid, who introduced himself as Haerolin. The expression on the cat's face was one of boredom, for this was something he was used to, when he worked with priests, or fellow druids, and of course warlocks, but he tended to avoid working with them as much as possible. He was neither concerned, nor intimidated, so as the other man glared at him he glared right back, daring him to try something. Fortunately Balanad, and the Haerolin's mate intervened, to prevent any violence between the party. After Balanad's speech defending him Sammuroth spoke to Haerolin, "Nothing about my person is any of your business, my friend, nor is it anyone else's, and I do not appreciate the implication that I would betray this mission or my people. So, my friend are we going to have a problem," he glared at Haerolin, and if one looked close enough they could see a faint fel green shimmer in the cat's eyes.

He did not wait for an answer, and turned to leave the meeting area, "I have no need to prepare anything, so I will await the rest of you in Dalaran, I do hope you do not take too long, I would prefer we don't spend too much time in Dalaran. Being around so many mages brings back ill memories," he muttered his last words under his breath, and left the meeting area, and headed to the portal to Dalaran. He had needed to get away quickly, he could feel the "other" stirring, as he faced down Haerolin, and the cat couldn't risk it taking control. He stepped into the portal, closing his eyes as he did so, as he felt himself pulled through void, when the feeling ceased he opened his eyes, a he did he saw the city of Dalaran. Huffing in annoyance at having to be here at all, he lay down near the portal's exit to await the others arrival.

Feliathae did not need the three hours that had been allotted to gather her things. Whatever she needed was already packed but she did take the time to say goodbye to some friends in Darnassas.

Rut’theran Village was quiet. The smell of the salt air heavy in the air and she could hear the water lapping against the shore of Teldrassil. She breathed in the air as she gazed over the ocean that spread out past the huge roots that anchored the tree before sparing a glance back at what she thought would have been her home not so many years ago.

Or not…

She turned towards the portal that was glowing brightly not far from the shore. A concession to the night elves of Darnassas, she supposed. She crossed through the portal without trouble, taking the time to coax the cat through. The grass turned to cobblestone and the smell of salt was replaced by the smell of icy air, stale stone, and people.

The cat beside her growled warily and she led him away from the portal and offered more parsley to calm the beast. Too soon, she thought as she stood up and surveyed her surroundings, it was too soon to have the cat out and about. Too late for regrets right now, she sighed and leaned against the wall.

Not far from the portal was the druid in cat form. She watched him for a moment, thinking she ought to say something, but he didn’t look as if he wanted to be disturbed. She opted to leave him be, if he wanted to talk, he would do so, and turned her gaze to the cobblestone and picked out patterns in the coloring to pass the time while she waited for the rest of the group.
The serenity of Darnassus was not often shattered by angry voices or tempers flaring. The tension of the druids was palpable. Raevien stood next to Haerolin and had her arms crossed in front of her. "Why did you do that? Can't you just accept that Sam has been cleared and continue with the mission?" I do not unders..." she was interrupted by Haer's glare.

"He is corrupted, I can smell it! I have been hunting demons for too long to be ignored in this Raevien...he is tainted! I suspect his motives are to steal the ashes for his own use! The shame of it is the Arch Druid is not even paying attention to his own warnings. I have had enough of this outrage...I am not even given the respect..." he hesitates. Raevien has not even stayed to listen to him but taken her bags and walked off towards the portal.

Haerolin changed into his owl form, swiftly flying after her. His angry rants continued but Raevien ignored him until she was about to go into the portal. "I am going on this can back out if you wish...I am not going back on my word to accompany the group." she then promptly went through the portal, not even looking back.
Allaynna had moved directly towards Rut'theran Village, and she stood at a distance, eyeing the portal skeptically. She really, -really- didn't want to set foot through the damn thing, but she also really, -really- didn't have another option.

It was with a metaphorical heavy heart that she face down the shimmering window, and stopped breathing as she stepped through.

The cobblestone streets of Dalaran loomed up to meet her, and as she tumbled forward, she tucked one shoulder into a roll, a clattering noisy thing as plate and stone collided repeatedly. Sitting, with her legs drawn up in front of her, she shoved her head ungracefully between her knees, waiting for the floating city to stop spinning.

After a period of five minutes or so, the ground did halt its gently rotations, and when the death knight felt she could stand and maintain her feet, she rose, dragging copper hair out of her face with a leather tie, and redonning the helmet that had rolled away.

"I -hate- portals."
It seemed like everyone was moving out. Ashel slipped the book back inside of his robes and quickly rose to his feet while brushing himself off once more. He didn't catch all of the introductions but it wasn't something he was really too concerned about, not yet. He started after the rest of the group, following at a far enough distance that he could avoid any conversation. It wasn't that he was not friendly or polite, it was just that he doubted he had little to talk about that they would actually be concerned with. His short life dulled in comparison to that of the Kaldorei who were probably already hundreds of years into their own.

He broke off from the rest of the group before reaching Rut'theran village, heading for a quiet place to gather his thoughts. The pray book came out again, though he did not open it this time and opted to instead place it in front of him. "Light protect me, shield me in the face of the evil we got to face this day. Help me to protect my allies, to keep them from harm. Help us in this mission, to return the ashes of this druid to their proper resting place." A shimmer of light pulsed from the book, stretching up to bathe him in it.

Ashel smiled and nodded, "Thank you." The priest scooped the book up and returned it to his pocket and started off again. He came up to the portal and stared at it a moment, trying to peer through to the other side as if it would be revealed to him fully. With a shrug, he stepped through, closing his eyes and bracing himself for the journey. When he opened them, he was standing in Dalaran...behind the Death Knight.

His hand went to his chest, clutching where his prayer book was as he stared at her from behind.

I hate portals

He stood, confused, not knowing whether he should offer his help or not. She was..technically dead, so sickness shouldn't have..or..did it? Ashel cleared his throat and stepped towards her, taking a breath before speaking softly. "I..if, I can help you with something, I will..."
The city of Dalaran was beautiful. Tall spires and ancient domes of jeweled splendor. The color purple was prevalent, in varying shades. It covered walls windows and curtains. Raevien walked forward slowly, wondering if Haerolin would follow her. In the past sometimes he did not, it made her sad. He always seemed to think he was the only one who could make decisions.

But Raevien was a strong and intelligent Kaldorei, she did not need his permission or his help in this. She was certain he would go his own way and maybe she would see him again when they returned....if they returned. Her silver eyes strayed over the others gathered near the stairway that led down to the square. She saw Sam off to the side and wondered if he would be upset with her. He was an Elder and she respected him. Out of curiousity she wondered what it was that had upset Haer so much.

She was too embarrassed to approach the cat-druid, however. Gathering her courage she walked to the death Knight and the human...she caught his faint accent and surmised he was a worgen. "Pardon me...I am Raevien Starcaller. I am not sure what you can do for portal sickness. It is rather common. I know some mages who are even sick when they have to use the portals." her silver eyes sparkled as she bowed to the Gilnaen. Her eyes went to the death knight and she bowed as well. She was uneasy around death knights.

Waiting politely for them to answer she glanced at the hunter and her cat. It seemed skittish and she wondered if she could speak to it. Often the newly trained cats had trouble understanding their new companions. Turning to the Gilnaen and the death knight she apologised. "Excuse me, I think I need to see about that looks frightened and lost. Nice to meet you both." she smiled as she slowly walked towards the cat laying next to Feliathe.

Changing into her feline form she became even more graceful as a dark blue panther. Padding without sound towards the hunter and her pet she rumbled deep in her throat in a soothing purr. She lay a few feet away and let the cat see her as no threat. Ears flicking and tail swishing she communicated to the cat by the language of the wild. "Be at ease...there are things which will hurt you in this world, but right now you are among friends." No one else could understand her except for Sam if he was listening. And the frosted white cat lying next to the hunter.
Allaynna grunted and rose to her feet stiffly, waving him off, "'M fine. Damned arcane magic wreaks havoc with my head. Well," she chuckles slightly, "All of me in general."

She eyes the man and speaks in a low tone, "Honestly, it's nice to see I'm not one in a gaggle of Elves, but still. You're on edge by me. Do try not to be, it tends to get in both of our ways." She offers up a gleaming, fierce smile, "I don't bite. At least not people I'm supposed to work with."

As the female Night Elf approached, Allaynna had composed her face into a small smile she hoped didn't look too bloodthirsty, but then again, most everything about the woman looked bloodthirsty.

"Allaynna Kidrain," she told the woman, "As for the portal sickness... Damnable arcane." She shook her head slightly as if to get something out of her ears, and then shrugged, almost amused, "I'll be fine. I'm told portals were an issue for me in life, and apparently it's just gotten worse in death."

She did, however, offer a neat bow to the woman in return, and smiled more gently, clearly making an effort not to alienate these people.

As the Elf walked off, she turned back to face the man, her feet set shoulder-width apart, and her balance set stolidly between them, she offered him a cold hand, "Right. Allaynna Kidrain, or Allay, to people who even pretend to be nice about my... condition." She snorts derisively, "I'm impressed you even offered to help at all. Most people run. Or carefully walk away, muttering."

Strangely at ease, the death knight was clearly ignoring the elves, and inwardly hoping the priest wasn't going to be an idiot about her being dead as well.
Sammuroth had begun to doze off, as he waited for the other's to arrive, they still awaited a few though he was unsure if that Haerolin character would actually show up. His mate, he believed her name was Raevien had come through third, she had seemed legitiately apologetic about Haerolin's outburst. While he dozed the druid could sense the "other" lurking in his mind, " Well at least there seems to be one compitent person in the group, not many can smell corruption."

In his dozing state the druid growled, they are all perfectly compitent, despite what you say, just because Haerolin was the only one who picked up your scent means only that I hide your stink well.

The Voice laughed, " What is it you mortals say, ah yes sticks, and stones, your childish taunts are quite humorous, my dear Sammuroth."

The cat growled again a little louder, in the back of his sleep addled mind he hoped no one heard it, well since you are too much of a coward to face me, insults are the only attacks I can manage against you for now.

The demon chuckled, " I believe I have already proven that I can do you more harm than you can cause me," to emphasize his point the "other" caused another jolt of pain through the druid's body, making the flinch in pain. " You see it is only a matter of time before your resistance breaks, and I can take full control, it has been over ten thousand years, and I applaud your strength, and will. Though of course it was your strength, will, and your anger that so interested me in the first place, but in the end your will is close to it's breaking point, how much longer can you hold out, a month, a year? Soon you will be mine body, and soul," another jolt of pain caused Sammuroth to awaken, with a grunt of pain, when he opened his eyes the pure amber, was tinted with fel green. The druid was sweating profusely, and his breathing was heavy, he quickly tried to regain his composure laying his head back down, hoping no one had noticed anything.


Illisadel's party had arrived in Dalaran, his spies informed him that his brother had already arrived, and seemed to be waiting for the rest of the Circle's lackeys. Now he looked through the eyes of one of his demonic minions, looked with hate upon his traitorous brother, Illisadel blamed all of his misfortune on Sammuroth. If not for his brother's betrayal he believed his family would be sitting at the right hand of Queen Azshara, and Sargeras ruling over all of Azeroth. If not for his brother his enitire family would still be alive, including his beloved sister, Illisadel never saw eye to eye with his little brother, but they had had one thing in common, and that was their love for Moriana, their sister. Or so he had thought until that fateful night his hated brother killed their sister, and their mother and father, he hated him hated him with all of his heart. A hand on his shoulder broke his spell, and he looked back to see Zara staring at him with concern, the elf smiled, washing all of the succubus' concerns away.

"Zara order our minions to head for the ruins, we must beat my brother's group there, I can't bear to wait very much longer for our lovely family reunion." Zara smiled, and left to give the order, as she went on her way Illisadel sent a mental message to the imp spying on his brother's group telling it to keep a close watch on their movements. He would let them find this satyr, perhaps the parties would either kill, or at least severely cripple each other, that is when the sorceror would make his move, swooping down gaining both his vengeance, and the component he needed for his most glorious spell, in one fell swoop. "Yes, brother soon we will meet again, and then your nightmarish punishment shall begin, heh heh heh hahahahaha," the elf continued to chuckle as he went to join his forces.
The night saber crouched beside Feliathae, its keen green gaze moving around the enclave as he turned his head to take in his surroundings. Still wary of the new place, he did not give into his curiosity to explore; instead, he stayed by the huntress’s reassuring presence, occasionally leaning in against her.

When Raevine approached, he watched her curiously. Druids were nothing new to him as he had encountered them on Teldrassil. He flicked his tail, his gaze roving over the enclave as if to say, “Strange place.”

Feliathae, who had been stroking the cat’s neck to keep him calm while pondering a name for him gave the druid a thankful smile.

“I would normally spend a week or more in the wild with him,” she said. “However circumstances did not allow me to do that. My previous companion was a frost saber, he would not do well outside Winterspring. When we get back, I shall take this one out into the forest again and we shall spend some time there.”

She looked down at the cat, a name forming in her mind—that of one of her human friends who had fought in Mount Hyjal. He was back in Stormwind now, probably sitting by a fire drinking brandy. Anthony Hemingway… Hemingway… Hemmingway… The name seems to suit the cat who was relaxing under the druid’s calm presence.

“I shall call you Hemmingway,” she said, leaning down to whisper to the cat. She was unaware as the word formed in her mind that she had misspelled her friend’s last name. He glanced up at her, responding to how the name sounded to him.

She had settled herself against the wall again, wondering what was keeping Balanad when a soft noise caught her attention. Used to being out in the wild, she relied on her hearing more than anything. Glancing over, she looked at Sammuroth, her face a mixture of confusion and concern. A bad dream? She wondered since he had looked as if he were sleeping.

“Are you alright?” she asked, peering at the druid.
Sammuroth was still panting heavily, the immense pain the "other" had caused his ears to ring, and everything around him sounded muffled, as if they were coming from the other end of a long cave. His eyes were still tinted fel green, as the cat continued to recover his senses, it was during this time he heard someone speaking to him, still muffled, he could barely understand the words. What did they say, dammit I wish my ears would stop ringing already, he listened more carefully hoping the speaker would repeat themselves. This time he heard the words, Am I alright, of course I am not alright, I have a psychotic demon in my head that enjoys causing me pain, so you tell me if I am alright. Of course none of this did he say out loud instead, he looked in the direction he believed the voice had come from, he saw the huntress, what was her name, Feliathae? Yes he believed that was right, his head was still wracked with pain from the demon's attack, but he was sure he had it right. She was peering at him in what he assumed was concern, he hoped she didn't look too closely, and see the green tint to his eyes.

Still sweating, and panting, and in pain, the druid did his best to smile, but anyone could tell it was forced, "I-I am perfectly alright, j-just my age catching up with me." He did his best to sound convincing, but even to his own ears his words sounded forced, and were pain filled. He was glad that Haerolin character was not here yet, if he were to see him like this, he would most likely lay into him as he had in Darnassus, and Sammuroth wasn't confident he could hold himself back should that happen. Trying to seem normal he lay his head back down on his paws, and continued to regain his wits, and composure, this was becoming a problem, that was beyond his power to correct.
Ashel turned towards Raevien as she approached, his lips would've parted to reply in turn to her introduction but she was already leaving. His shoulders rolled in a shrug and he turned back towards Allaynna, peering at her with curiosity. "That is odd, I've never heard of such a thing, but there's much that I haven't seen in my life. Actually, this is my first time here.." As he spoke, his gaze drifted away surveying the city in admiration and wonder. "It's amazing the things you miss out on being locked behind a wall for so long."

The priest smiled again, shaking his head at her words. "I know what it's like to be different, trust me..Yours may be more permanent, but I still carry the stigma of mine." To show her his words were true, he offered her a hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Kidrain. I'm Ashel Gregory, but you can call me "Ash" for short, if you wish." If the death knight were to take his hand, he would give it a firm shake ignoring the chill of death before releasing, if not, he would let it drop back to his side with a shrug.

"We can watch each other's backs if you'd like, I mean, not that I wouldn't do that anyway, but it'd be nice knowing someone who didn't consider me slightly inferior would be around." Ashel smirked and lifted his gaze towards the Kaldorei ahead of them. They were kind, he owed them much, but even sometimes he couldn't ignore the air of arrogance about their people.

He watched Raevien speaking to the hunter's pet with curiosity. It must be interesting to be able to do such a thing. He wondered if she would be able speak to his Worgen mind in much the same way. The priest shrugged and turned back towards Allayna, head tilting to the side as he patiently awaited her answer.

Something caught his attention though, the presence of something..not quite right. His eyes closed for a moment, searching for what the source of the foul presence was. His gaze turned in the direction of Sam and Felithae, eyes slowly opening to fix on them. It was faint now, not as strong as it was before. "What was that.." he muttered beneath his breath.

"I-I am perfectly alright, j-just my age catching up with me."

Feliathae heard the words and saw the ‘smile’ that came with it. She was too far away to see the green taint within his eyes but could hear that something was amiss in his tone and could see the way his lips stretched over the feline teeth. To her it appeared as if he were in pain. Doubt of what he was saying was etched on her features but she simply nodded and turned away. It could be any number of things, she knew, from portal sickness to not liking Dalaran to the thought that a satyr was out there with the ashes.

‘He doesn’t know who you are and it is doubtful that he would be inclined to tell you anything,’ she reminded herself as she directed her attention back to the cat, who was now sniffing the air. ‘Best to concentrate on getting through this.’

Her silver gaze went back to the portal, wondering where Balanad was. She needed to get moving again, push back the dark thoughts of what happened at the library, and pretend that everything was normal and alright.


“All but two have crossed through,” the druid standing by the portal spoke crisply, her gaze on the mage maintaining the portal. It was obvious that she didn’t like having the mage around.

“Good, good,” Balanad was eager to move through the portal and away from Darnassas.

He had spent the better part of the three hours arguing with the druid council over the potential destruction of the ashes. The council had been divided on the matter. Some understood that the ashes posed a threat others were adamant that they were sacred and should remain intact. That coupled with another argument from Alasseya who had been waiting outside, had tried his nerves to a breaking point. He had snapped and shouted at her. She proceeded to cry and sulk, trying to make his regret the harsh words he had said.

Just like always. He set his jaw and went through the portal.

The cold gray stones of Dalaran rose up around him in greeting. An icy breeze lacing its way through the city wrapped around him, tugging at his cloak like a mistress before trailing off down the street. He stepped past everyone, turning to mentally take roll.

Lanura was missing. He rubbed his jaw as he thought of the sentinel, his mind scanning to when he had seen her last. At Cenarion Enclave… he would give her an hour before heading going on without her. The night was wearing on and with every passing hour, the satyr moved further and further towards his goal.

“We will wait an additional hour for Lanura and Haerolin,” he announced. “If they are not here by then, we will move on without them.”

“Our first stop is the Crystalsong Forest. We will split up—one group will investigate the Ruins of Shandaral for whatever it was the satyr was looking for, the rest will go ‘visit’ one of his friends. I want whatever information the satyrs here have on what he might be doing.” He looked around, “Volunteers for either task? The druids… there should be one with each group. I don’t care which one of you goes where.”
Sammuroth was still recovering from his ordeal with the"other", but he was calmed down enough to hear Balanad's plan. Which group would his skills be the most useful, with his multiple skills either detail would suit him, though he did want to end this as soon as possible , so perhaps he should go to the ruins. However, there was no guarantee the satyr was still there, and there was a possibility one of his fellow satyrs may be able to give them some information. Both tasks were neccessary, but he couldn't be in two places at once, perhaps he should wait, and see which group the other druids went with first, and go with the other. His head throbbed in pain, the stress of the choice, made his headache worse, so he decided to take the choice out of his hands, or paws as it were.

"I will go with whatever group you decide, frankly both tasks are neccessary, and I would be suited to both, so I will let you decide where I go." The druid's voice still hinted at his pain, but he did his best to hide it, as he waited for Balanad's decision.
Allaynna Kidrain

Allaynna laughed, shaking the man's hand firmly, "They do have that tendency, don't they?" Smiling lopsidedly, revealing straight teeth, her canines pointed sharply, almost as if filed, she nodded towards the elves speaking again, "May as well listen."

Approaching, she folded her arms across her chest, taking in the conversation, and then checking straps firmly, and unsheathing her large broadsword, "I'll go wherever I'm most likely to get a fight in."

She grinned at the Elves, a predatory smile that was reminiscent of a hunting wolf. She resettled her helmet, and shrugged under her plate, "Tell me where I'm going, and I will, but I'd say I'll go down into Crystalsong to investigate the ruins."

Balanad nodded as Allaynna and Sammuroth spoke. He cast a curious look at the death knight. “You would prefer the Ruins? I would have thought you would prefer to ‘convince’ the satyr to give up information. Very well, though, you may go to the Ruins.” He looked at Feliathae, “And you?”

“I will go to the Ruins,” she said, her natural curiosity of the area getting the better of her.

Balanad made a noise of agreement as he turned his attention to the priest and two remaining druids. He turned back to Sammuroth, “You, Ash, and I will hunt down the satyr.” He looked at Raveine and Haerolin, “The two of you head to the Ruins with the dea… Allaynna and Feliathae.

“Let’s get off this floating piece of rock and onto firm ground. We should be able to make the Mirror of Twilight before sun-up. We will stay there for the day; I doubt it will take much time to find a satyr, searching the Ruins may take a bit longer.”

He led the way towards the portal down to the Crystal Song Forest and waited for the others to follow before setting off along the side of the Twilight Rivulet towards the Mirror of Twilight.


The huntress listened quietly as a few people spoke up about their preferences, her hand absently stroking Hemmingway. While she may have been better suited for tracking a satyr, the idea of visiting some old Ruins was far more appealing to her so she opted to go there.

She followed Balanad to the portal, frowing as she considered the best way to coax the cat through and hoping fervently that it would not get sick on the trip. Her previous cat had not handled the few portals that it traveled through well at all. Pulling more parsley from her bag, she used it to lure cat through.

The abrupt change from cobblestone and the smell of stone to grass and smells of water, earth, and forest had the cat flattening his ears and looking around warily at first, then with some curiosity. Here was something more familiar. He paused a moment to take another piece of proffered parsley before raising his head and turning his keen gaze over the landscape.

Feliathae stopped a moment to breath in the air. Gone was the scent of cold stone and the crowded bodies of a city, replaced by the soothing smells of the forest. The cold icy scent of the air remained the promise of snow and ice held within it.

Once she was certain that Hemmingway was not going to throw up, she fell in line with Balanad and waited for the others to teleport down so they could be on their way.

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