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Sammuroth was still recovering from his ordeal, but he heard every word of the plan, when Balanad told him he would accompany himself, and the worgen priest the druid nodded. "Hunting down a satyr should not be too difficult, getting it to talk however may prove a challenge, but I do love a good challenge." The cat stood up, his legs shaking a bit, he willed himself upright, and followed Balanad, and Feliathae to the portal. "I will be so glad to get out of this place, I always loathe to come to this city," he said to no one in particular. They arrived at the portal, and the druid stepped through, once through he found himself in the forests of Crystalsong, it had been a few years since he had been here, and it was still as beautiful as he remembered. He stood next to Balanad, aand Feliathae, as they waited for the others to come through.


Illisadel sat in a small secluded room of the ruins, resting his head on his palm, he smiled as Zara danced senually for him, it was a nice distraction, from his boredom. Finally a tickle in the back of his mind made him sit up, and hold out his hand to stop the succubus, and his smile grew wider. "Well it seems my dear brother's group is moving out, however it looks like Sam is not coming to the ruins just yet." Zara frowned, "Should we have the soldiers prepare to move out to follow," Illisadel shook his head, "no our first priority is to find the ashes, besides I can begin my vengeance, by bringing harm to his companions. Hurting him emotionally works just as well as physically, have the troops prepare for battle, and prepare to release the undead. I want you to lead the forces on the front, I will remain here, I am sure these ruins have corpses just ripe for the raising, I will focus on keeping our undead functioning." Zara smiled, and nodded leaving immediately to perform her assigned task, Illisadel remained rising from his seat.

With a cruel smile on his face Illisadel set about his own task drawing a circle of power with arcane energy from his staff, soon a glowing dark purple circle lay in the middle of the room, pulsing with dark power. Standing in the middle of the circle was Illisadel still smiling evilly, he began to chant, and he could feel his dark energy spreading out from the circle, he could sense the countless corpses in the ruins, some old, some newer, but they were all susceptible to his will. Soon he would have thousands more undead under his control, and the though caused him to laugh maniacally, as he felt the first of the corpses stirring back to unlife.
Ashel blinked and looked towards Allayna with a sympathetic smile, "I guess there goes that plan. Maybe we'll meet up another time, until then..good luck to you." He waved at the death knight, turning towards Sam, his gaze searching the cat for a moment. It couldn't have been a mistake, there was definitely some kind that came from him. Absently, his fingers wandered to his chest, clutching the prayer book tucked inside of his robes. "Light guide us." He whispered softly before dropping his hand away and starting for the portal.

Down in Crystalsong, he couldn't help but pause, looking around in awe at the massive trees reaching towards the sky. Never before had he seen something quite beautiful. "Wow.." was all he could say. The priest shook his head, focusing back on the task at hand. He jogged to catch up with Balanad and the others. "Sorry," he muttered beneath his breath, turning to look at those gathered.

"It seems that we all must take different paths now..but either way, the light will bless us, will guide us and help us when we need it. " He smiled at each and everyone of them as he raised his hands, a soft yellow glow encompassing his fingers. "May this prayer of fortitude keep you strong in the face of whatever you face." As the words escaped his lips, those gathered would feel the warmth of the light, filling their hearts with courage, with the strength to complete their mission.

Ashel nodded, then turned away, looking towards Bal and Sam and waiting for the moment when they would move out. A Satyr, he had never seen one before, but he'd heard of them. Corrupted Night Elves..Who would've thought that such a race could be..power hungry.

Balanad watched as people teleport down from Dalaran. Last to arrive were Raevine and Haerolin. The pair of druids were arguing over something, resulting in Haerolin returning to Dalaran. After a moment, Raevine turned and stated that she needed to go after him. Balanad nodded, not knowing what else to do. He was quite familiar with lovers’ spats and he didn’t want either of them distracted while on this mission.

The trip along the Twilight Rivulet was uneventful and he spent the time thinking how he and Sam would subdue the satyr. He also hoped that Feliathae and the death knight would be able to handle the ruins on their own. Not knowing what to expect there, he was a little wary of what might happen.

He stopped the group by an archway overlooking the Mirror of Twilight. The calm water at the base of the rivulet lapped gently against the ground, making a pleasant sound. He could see a few fish swimming lazily around, their glass-like bodies looking far too fragile for such cold water.

“We will set up to camp here,” he said, gesturing to a grassy area. Turning to look at Feliathae and Allaynna, he asked, “Are the two of you alright with heading into the Ruins or do you want someone else with you. The satyr should not be a problem for two of us.”

The huntress shrugged at Balanad. “It does not matter to me. There can’t be much of anything left there but if you want to reassign someone to accompany us then do so.”

“Let’s go with our current plan,” Balanad said after a moment. He glanced around the group, “Are we ready to head out?”

Feliathae nodded, turning to the death knight. She was not all that excited about having such a being accompanying her but she didn’t have much of a choice. “Are you ready?”

She waited a few moments for an answer before heading out from the Mirror of Twilight into the forest of Crystalsong. As she traveled, the ground changed from golden colored grass to an eerie bluish color. Not long after, the trees turned a dark bluish black color. Concerned that perhaps her sense of direction was off, she took out a loadstone, using it to discern her direction.

“This is right,” she muttered in Darnassian. A quick glance at the death knight reminded her that she needed to use the human’s tongue and she repeated her words in common. “This place is all too unsettling,” she added as they moved deeper into the Unbound Thicket.

It didn’t even smell like a forest, she thought. There was an odd smell here… no flowers, earth, or trees. The icy scent of snow that was ever present in Northrend still prevailed but with it came something that she was not familiar with. Automatically, she reached down to stroke Hemmingway’s neck, reassuring the cat. Despite the eeriness of the area, it held an austere beauty, something that seemed both tainted and pristine. She had to wonder if something happened here or if it had always been this way.

Her personal stent in Northrend had her stationed at the Amberpine Lodge in the Grizzly Hills. She was wholly unfamiliar with the Crystalsong Forest having only been on the forest floor for a few times and never in such an area as this.

“I don’t suppose you are familiar with where we are?” she asked the death knight. The huntress stepped over a piece of crystalized wood, stopping for a moment to look at the chunk. “This is very odd, I wonder what happened to it.”

While the huntress examined the wood, she failed to notice that someone was watching them from behind a tree. Hemmingway, however, picked up an unfamiliar scent and easily picked out the wood nymph. Had he been fully trained, he might have recognized that the bow and arrow held her in hand were aimed at his mistress. Instead, he merely made a curious noise as the bow fired, sending an arrow towards the night elf.


Balanad watched the two women head towards the Unbound Thicket. His gaze on them speculative as to what they might encounter before he turned and motioned to the two men.

“Let’s go hunt down a demon,” he grinned as he said the words. “I am curious as to what the thing will have to say about Ziantov. Once we have the information, we will kill the thing and maybe a few more of its ilk. They taint the very land they walk on.”

He turned northward from the Mirror of Twilight heading into the forest towards and old set of ruins that had reports of satyrs.
At the Ruins

As the Death Knight, and huntress explored the ruins, dark eyes watched them with a mix of hunger, and excitedness, light giggles could be heard echoing throughout the ruins, but most would chalk it up to the wind. Zara flitted from tree to tree always watching the two women, as they came deeper, and deeper into her master's trap, "Come into my web, said the spider to the fly," she whispered. Already the smell of undeath was permeating the area, as Illisadel's undead minions closed in on the women, hungry for mortal flesh. Zara had brough only a few of the felguards with her, not wanting to leave her master completely undefended, they too watched from the shadows of the trees, waiting for their opportunity to attack. Zara had a hard time containing her excitement, and when she spotted the wood nymph she smiled, a perfect distraction she thought to herself, she could see the undead beginning to materialize from the shadows of the trees. "Well let the fun begin," she smiled wickedly as she felt her masters dark power flowing thorughout the ruins.


Sammuroth followed after Balanad, catching up to him easily, "How can you be sure another satyr will know anything of import, I agree it is worth checking out, but we could be wasting our time as well you know." From what the druid had gathered time was not something they could afford to waste, as he thought something caught the cat's attention from the way they had come. He turned around, and tilted his head, something didn't seem right, Get ahold of yourself, you are probably still suffering from the demon's attack, the others will be fine, the worse they could run into is a wild beast. Sammuroth turned around, and continued following Balanad, but every so often he would turn his head to look over his shoulder.
Allaynna Kidrain

Allaynna had kept her mouth shut, a silent shadow following the huntress and cat. When asked if she knew where they were, Allaynna nodded, "It's right. Magic." The last word was almost a curse, "I don't know the how, nor the why, but I know there's all manner of things not right here."

"Nymphs," she continued, "Ghosts, satyrs, what have you." As if on cue, Allaynna's eyes picked out the nymph. Her sword ceased is silent swinging, and she growled a warning, her tone sharp, and low, but it carried, testament to years on a battlefield. She clearly expected to be obeyed, and her eyes brooked no argument.

"Hit the dirt!"

Three strides brought the death knight, plate armor and all, between the elf and the arrow. Another quick motion brought her sword up at the same instant, the arrow missing the edge of the blade and sinking through a gap in the death knight's plate.

With a grunt, the woman rushed the nymph, her sword gleaming with blood-red runes.

"How can you be sure another satyr will know anything of import, I agree it is worth checking out, but we could be wasting our time as well you know."

“We could,” Balanad agreed, nodding at the druid’s words, “but another satyr entering this area would attract the attention of the population here. What we should be able to learn at worse is what is accompanying Ziantov and hopefully, we can learn what he took from the Ruins so we have a better idea of how he intends to go about corrupting the ashes.”

He stopped by a tree, pressing himself up against the trunk as he surveyed some old ruins. Walking between a pair of posts were a pair of satyrs. He had no idea as to what the creatures were doing and he didn’t care.

“Right there,” he whispered. “My bet is that when Ziantov arrived, the satyrs here were probably quite interested in what he was doing… if they could get in on what he was doing, it would only help them. Or perhaps,” he pulled his swords from their scabbards, “one of them might think to kill Ziantov and carry out his plan. Either way, with their greed for power I am fairly certain that they know something… which at the moment is more than we know.”

He watched the pair for a moment longer, “Now we just need to pick our target and decided on a plan to remove it from its friends and make it want to talk to us.” He grinned wickedly, “Perhaps a little bloodshed might loosen tongues.”
Sammuroth could feel the "other" stir with excitement at the prospect of bloodshed, and the druid would do what he could to make sure it didn't get what it wanted. "Perhaps a distraction would be better served, get the satyrs attention, and try to peel one of them away from its fellows. There is no need to wear ourselves out, who knows what Ziantov could have waiting for us, we should conserve our strength as best we can. Of course I will defer to whatever you decide, I am simply giving another option, we may only see two, but that doesn't mean others could be around in hiding. We don't need a full scale battle on our hands, but you make the decisions, so what will it be?" The druid could feel the demon inside stirring with annoyance, but he pushed it aside, it took some effort, but he was successful. There was no need for bloodshed... yet, the druid was not naieve enough to believe they could get through this mission without bloodshed, but there was no need for any unnecessary bloodshed either.

"Hit the dirt!"

Not one to be foolish, the huntress dropped to a crouch, her eyes scanning the area past the death knight. The ice nymph snarled as her arrow hit the plate armor of the fast moving death knight and she scampered out from around the tree to take another shot.

Hemmingway growled at the attack and jumped to where he had a clear line to rush the nymph. Feliathae drew her bow, shouting out the command for the cat to attack and fervently hoping that the short time she had spent with the animal was enough to make it remember what that command meant. She had only worked with two… attack and heel… but she had only spent a few hours working on them both.

She need not have worried. The cat sprinted forward before launching itself at the nymph, it’s claws tearing into her mind quarters. The creature screamed in pain and was torn between the cat’s attack and the incoming death knight. Deciding that the death knight was the greater threat, she fired her bow again and attempted to move away, but the tenatious cat followed.

Feliathae nocked an arrow and moved to the opposite side of the cat so she could fire the weapon without risk of hitting the death knight. The arrow hit the nymph in the shoulder, throwing off her shot. She aimed a third arrow and spared at glance at the death knight to see just how soon she would reach the nymph.
Ashel followed along behind Balanad and Sam, hands clasped in front of him as he curiously surveyed their surroundings. What a strange and hauntingly beautiful place. His mind was so absorbed on what was around him that he didn't even notice the two stopping, hiding themselves from two Satyr up ahead. No, the priest kept walking, studying the way the trees swayed against the breeze of the wind. "This place truly is remarkable," he muttered more to himself, though loud enough that the other two would've heard him had they still been with him.

Shaking his head, he cleared his head of all stray thoughts, focusing back on the task at hand. He blinked, once, twice, a third time. "Balanad? Sam?" He looked around slowly taking notice that the two were no longer with him. Where did they go? They..wouldn't just leave him without saying something, would they?! Stay calm, stay calm..they're probably around, just looking out ahead for anything dangerous. Yes, that was it..

The priest reached into his robes and grasped his prayer book tightly. "Allaynna?" Idiot, she wasn't here. The only person who he looked at as "friend" was off somewhere else. "Light give me strength." He whispered, clutching his book and starting to move on. He would show those two that he wouldn't crack under pressure, he'd just keep walking and find them further down the path.

Walking, walking..walking..Satyr. "Oh dear." He muttered, standing not too far from the two creatures. His reaction was to quickly surround himself in a shield of light and dropping down, hoping that they had been too occupied to have even seen him.

"Perhaps a distraction would be better served, get the satyrs attention, and try to peel one of them away from its fellows.”

“You are a killjoy, you know that?” Balanad grinned at the druid, his words were jovial, not accusatory. He looked back at the satyrs. “A distraction is a…” He stopped as he noticed that the priest had moved ahead of them. “Wait… is that the priest?”

The night elf stared as the priest continued walking almost right to the satyrs. Almost too late, the priest seemed to realized that he was alone and in the distance, Balanad could see something form and shimmer around the man. Unfortunately, so did the two satyrs who happened to turn around, their dark gaze picking out the man immediately.

“I think we are about to get that distraction you suggested,” Balanad said moving forward on a path to intercept the satyrs. “Just not the one I would have picked.”
Allaynna Kidrain

The death knight snarled, cold and low, and prowled towards the nymph, dodging the wrong way and taking the stray arrow in her arm with little effect, save the curse it drew from her. Continuing her advance, she closed easily with the nymph, ignoring the arrow protruding from her arm.

Not breathing, eyes bright, Allaynna lunged, toying with the creature, her sword lashing out to cut the nymph's bow arm. Weaving the point of her weapon in front of the creature with a wolfish grin, she lunged again, letting her greater weight push her momentum forwards, aiming to bring her left arm around the nymph's neck in a chokehold.

Sword in hand, she attempted to strike the bow away from the lithe creature, resting the sharp, double-edged broadsword against the nymph's neck, addressing the Elf, her voice calm, cool, and with a tinge of casual cruelty as she was clearly enjoying this.

"Well? Do I kill it, or do we keep it alive?" She laughed softly, "Or do we think it knows something?" Her tone for the last suggested that she would take a great deal of pleasure in dragging it out of the nymph, a great deal of pleasure in causing pain.

The night elf aimed her bow at the nymph. With the death knight holding the creature tight, it could not dodge a well-placed arrow. The huntress was about to end the creature’s life when a thought occurred to her.

“Tell me, nymph, has a satyr come to the ruins near here?”

The nymph hissed in returned and the night elf chuckled.

“I will wager that one has. He was looking for something, wasn’t he? Do you know what it was? We might be willing to let you live if you show us, otherwise,” Feliathae shrugged, “I’ll just turn my back and let the death knight work out some hunger issues.”

The nymph struggled against the death knight’s hold, but she was not nearly as strong an Allaynna. She gave up struggling and since she really could not turn to her head to glare at the death knight, she cast her hate filled gaze onto the night elf.

“Maybe you have something that might loosen her tongue?” Feliathae looked at the death knight. She really did not want to know what Allaynna might have in her arsenal to get someone to talk, but she knew that they might be able to save valuable time if they could narrow down where in the ruins to search.
Allaynna Kidrain

A small, predatory smile spread across the death knight's face, and she shook the nymph gently, leaning down the whisper in the creature's ear, "Just go ahead and talk, you don't want to know what I have in store..."

Failing that, the death knight would raise her eyes to meet the Elf's, clearly working on softening her tones, but her eyes were gleaming with anticipation, and she sounds almost thoughtful, "Do I leave it intact... or do I end up with it dead?"

Only half listening to the reply, Allaynna stuck her sword in the ground with her free hand, and walked her icy fingers up the nymph's hand, and then arm, trailing necromantic magic behind the digits. Amusement showed in her features as the pain would set in, boiling blood slowly, bursting capillaries and blood vessels, nothing too important... yet.

Feliathae hid her discomfort as the nymph first hissed in pain, then let out a howl. Her blueish arm turned an angry bruised color as the blood from the burst vessels pooled under her skin.

"I am betting that my friend here can keep that up for a very long time," the huntress told the nymph. "Soon though, there might not be anything left of you to talk."

"The southeast building," the nymph ground out through her teeth, pain in her voice. "He went to the southeast building. I don't know what for!"

The huntress smiled. That went far easier than she had planned, provided that the information was correct. They had no way of knowing until they looked, but at least they had some direction now.

"Cut her loose," the night elf said. The huntress was under no illusion that the nymph would simply run away verses attack, but she at least wanted to seem fair. If the nymph did attack, and the elf thought that she would, the death knight would make quick work of her.
Allaynna Kidrain

The death knight laughed harshly and complied, ducking the nymph's turn-about shot and lashing out with a plated fist. Bone crunched sickeningly, eliciting a laugh from Allaynna. The nymph wailed bitterly as Allaynna collared it again, and it bared hissing, sharp teeth at the impassive woman.

Blood-boiling fingers walked up the uninjured arm, and then down the broken one, raising livid bruises on the pale skin. Another thin scream filled the air, and Allaynna's casually cruel laughter wove into the sound ominously.

Ice and blood danced along the nymph's arms, and the rune-engraved sword stuck in the earth beside the tormentor glowed unhealthily. Unholy runes swirled over the death knight's armor, and through her fingers. When she removed the hand from the nymph's wrist, there were rotted hand-prints in the creature's skin.

Trails of rot traced themselves up the nymph's flesh, placing putrefied blood and limp muscle on sick display.

With a small smile, Allaynna reached into an inner pocket and produced a trio of crimson maggots, clamping her hand over the nymph's mouth and nose tightly, forcing it to swallow or suffocate.

Swallowing won out.

"You see," the death knight murmured softly as she crushed the nymph none-too-gently against her plated, icy chest, "Those are blood worms. They hurt when they burst your stomach. I promise."

"The nice Elfie will not save you. There is no information you can give me," she paused as the nymph squirmed and moaned in discomfort, "you see, they grow already." She continued after reveling in the moment briefly, "Your life is mine. You -will- die. It -will- hurt."

"So," she added, "If you have any gods you pray to, do it now, while you still have the presence of mind to talk."

The nymph managed another pained groan, and tried to double over, but the death knight held her on her feet, tracing lines of rot over her abdomen, "I give it... oh... five minutes."

The nymph turned a strange shade of blue, and wailed piercingly as the things in its stomach roiled and writhed, and then it turned stark white, and a strange noise could be heard from inside its body. Something ruptured, and the nymph fainted.

"Come on, now, don't ruin my fun."

The death knight tisked as her bloodworms erupted from the now-dead nymph, and frowned, annoyed at having her fun spoiled so soon.
The Ruins

Zara watched with glee as the Death Knight killed the nymph, and she couldn't supress a giggle, and not a soft giggle either, her giggle echoed over the ruins. The echoes sounded as though they were coming from everywhere, and the succubus, began talking her magic making her voice come from everywhere. "Thank you heroes for that lovely entertainment, but unfortunately I am afraid you are going to have to exit the stage now." The succubus continued to laugh, as the moans of the undead began to drift through the ruins, and glowing red eyes could be seen emerging from the darkness. "I hope you enjoy yourselves ladies, if you are lucky perhaps my master will raise you as his slaves, but that is a very big if." The undead could be seen now their rotting corpses, and their putrid stench like something straight out of the depths of hell. They had the Death Knight, and huntress surrounded, there was no where for them to run, now let's see just how strong these warriors are.


Damn priest how did he get separated from us, and how did he get all the way over there, "What should we do Balanad we can't just leave him to die." There were two satyrs if they struck now they could kill one, and capture the other before they had time to call for help. " I will sneak up behind one of them, and incapacitate him, you kill the other one, so he can't go for reinforcements, sound like a plan my friend?"

Feliathae’s stomached turned at the death knight’s tactics, but they were certainly effective. She made a mental note to never anger the undead woman and simply turned her back on the nymph as the wretched thing writhed and cried out in pain as she was exsanguinated from within. It was a perfectly horrific way to die, certainly the night elf would have been far more merciful in delivering a swift and efficient death, but the huntress didn’t derive pleasure from killing, not like the death knight.

Once the thing stopped making noise, she turned around. The nymph’s abdomen was splayed open with the engorged blood worms writhing around on her corpse. It was a sight that made her want to vomit but she managed to keep the contents of her stomach in check.

“We need to…” She stopped when she heard a giggle. Not a pleasant sound, but harsh, wicked… she scanned the area spotting the succubus.

"Thank you heroes for that lovely entertainment, but unfortunately I am afraid you are going to have to exit the stage now."

The nymph’s cries of pain were replaced by the hollow moans of the undead as the grotesque creatures lumbered forward from everywhere, surrounding the two women. Above it she could hear the laughing of the demon, who was clearly taking great delight in what she viewed as their impending deaths.

This she could handle much better than watching the excruciatingly painful death of the nymph. Feliathae threw out a trap, creating a large burst of fire in the midst of five at the east side before taking up her bow and firing several neat shots, taking out one of the creatures and wounding another. Hemmingway, growled in confusion, never having seen such creatures, but that did not stop the beast obeying her attack command and charging one undead that had managed to close the distance.

“Let’s see if we can punch a hole through these things and keep them from surrounding us,” she called out, not bothering to look at the death knight as she lined up another serious of shots. “I have an ice slick I can lay down once we break through the line that should slow them down.”

The huntress hoped that the death knight was as skilled with the sword as she was at coming up with horrible ways to kill people, because blood worms were not going to work here.

"What should we do Balanad we can't just leave him to die.”

Balanad was already moving forward when Sam spoke. “We are going to try to save his hide,” the warrior called back, slipping up into a position where he could easily charge one of the satyrs.

"I will sneak up behind one of them, and incapacitate him, you kill the other one, so he can't go for reinforcements, sound like a plan my friend?"

“That sounds like an excellent plan,” Balanad nodded, his attention focused on the satyr closest to the priest. “I’ll the one closest to Ash, you subdue the one in the rear. Got it?”

Without waiting for a response, the night elf charged, speeding towards his target. He intercepted the satyr just a few feet from the priest, slamming into it with his shoulder and nearly knocking the surprised creature down.

“Move!” he shouted at Ash as he rounded in on the satyr who was snarling obscenities at the tall warrior.

The satyr leapt forward, striking out with its sharp claws. They collided with the plate on Balanad’s forearm, leaving long scratches on the armor.

“So, brother,” the satyr taunted the night elf, his words spraying spit in the elf’s face, “I hope your last day alive was miserable!”

Balanad thrust the demon off of him, a sneer crossing his lips, “You are no brother of mine, highborn demon sell out!”

Sammuroth quickly stealthed himself as Balanad charged, taking advantage of the satyr's distraction from the warrior, and the priest. The cat was easily able to sneak behind the rear satyr, who looked to be preparing to aid it's fellow. "It's not polite to interrupt someone else's fight, my friend," the cat's voice gave the satyr pause. It quickly turned around ready to defend itself, but confusion crossed it's face when it saw nothing behind him. It wasn't until a sharp pain went up it's leg, did the satyr understand it's mistake, as Sammuroth bit through the satyr's hamstring, ripping the muscle completely off the bone. The satyr collapsed, and howled in pain, the druid's attack broke his stealth, but his job was done, the satyr could no longer run away. "You are going to answer our questions, as soon as my warrior friend dispatches your ally over there," the satyr spat at the cat, the spittle falling short. "I can sense the Highborne blood in you, you traitorous dog," the druid growled," I am the traitor, it was you, and the other Highborne who betrayed us all." The druid's eyes turned a flaming fel green in his anger, the satyr immediately cowered, it could sense the demon lying inside of the cat's mind, and soul. It could also feel it's immense power, the power of a high ranking demon, the cat's demonic gaze was enough to make the satyr cower, and wimper in fear. The fel prescence disappeared, as quickly as it had appeared, and Sammuroth shook his head, he knew the demon had come close to taking over just then, it had fed on his anger, and desire to kill the satyr, Sammuroth quickly calmed himself down as he felt the "other" fade back into his mind.

The Ruins

Zara watched with delight as the battle began, she knew her master didn't really expect these undead to slay the heroes, they were meant simply as a test of their strength. One of the fel guards materialized at the base of the tree she was perched in, "M'lady should we intervene, and slay these mortals," the succubus laughed, "of course not, the undead are merely cannon fodder, to test their combat strength. I am sure our Master would much prefer to kill them himself, while his dear brother watches, so just enjoy the show, and do not bother me again, or you will be the one who is slain." The fel guard bowed deeply in apology, and disappeared, and the succubus went back to watching the show.

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