Stroke of Midnight ((IC))

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Alice Blackwood sighed, her black hair pulled into a ponytail, her sparkling green eyes looking around the garden. It was nice and warm, and the spray of the small fountain settled across her bare skin on her face and arms. Her father was busy with some project, and he wouldn't allow her to leave the grounds, unless eliminating some kind of threat. Alice was about 20 now, but she had no where else to go, so she still lived at the manor.

She was a marksman, not the best, but decent enough. Whatever her father was doing, it was causing the Alliance and Horde to send people to kill him. She loved her dad, and would do anything for him, and that meant putting her life in danger at times.

He always said that she looked like her mother. She thought she had some of her father's features, but he always denied it.

She stood, already finished with another book, and walked back inside the manor, and into it's library. Her father owned many books, and most of them in this maze were his, but she had her own section of gifted, collected, and old books. She put the one she just finished back into the place it was.

Malia, her panther companion, was sunning herself in the nearby window, casting a shadow onto the colorful chair and rug nearby. "Malia. . ." Alice groaned, "It's gonna be a cold chair now, since you've been blocking the sun." The panther perked up, hearing her friend's voice, and leaped down, and rubbed against her legs.

Malia wasn't but 1 year old, still kind of small, but smart nonetheless. Alice rubbed her head and sat on the chair, which was indeed cold, and the panther jumped up and lay on her lap. Alice laughed, "You're getting to big for this." She took a book from the stack on the table, propped her legs up, and started to read again.

It had been about a week since someone had come after her father, and she was pretty sure it was time for someone to come again. She decided she should try to read as much of the book as possible before she had to leave again.
The warlock, Marthius stood on the stone balcony, looking out over the Blackwood estate. His face was cast in shadow of the deep hood he wore, however, he liked it that way. He held his staff close to him, leaning on it, as he watched his minions below make preparations for the big event only a month away. And he smiled.

He mind was interrupted by the chattering and a squeak of a rat running across the floor of his study, his own personal domain, and he turned and with a thought, a long purple bolt of energy sprang from the staff, striking and disintegrating the vermin without any trace of ash. Marthius looked again out over his estate.

"They think to thwart my great accomplishment," he thought, "To prevent it from happening. The fools. They will see I have thought it all through, and there is nothing they can do. But watch..." He started to chuckle, which turned into a full laugh as he stood staring up at the stars and the twin moons slowly coming together in the night sky.

The dark mage slowly walked back into his study, and went to sit in his chair when his eyes caught the painting of his beloved deceased wife, Alicia, over the mantle. He walked over to stand beneath its regal frame, and gazed up at her. She had died during childbirth, and it had nearly torn out his heart, yet he still had Alice. Alice, his sweet daughter. She looked so much like her mother, her features, her eyes...yet she had so much of his own spirit and determination to be the person she wanted to be. Marthius was so proud of her, he smiled as he returned to his desk, and sat down at it.

He briefly looked over the papers, and all the preparations that had been made. His people had done well, he would have to reward them. As he looked over the list of possible chosen, he smiled again...his most trusted minion, Catheden, had done extremely well. He had been fortunate to have the Death Knight within his small group of followers. "Yes," he slowly nodded to himself, "it was all coming together rather well, and on time."
Paulina and Tellian sit on a small couch in their room. Paulina snorts and looks around" Ya, know Tellian, why did we come here again?"

Tellian looks up from fiddling with her rapier" For the power, besides this man is interesting. Your a warlock, you should be happy being around someone of your kind."

Polina stares at her sister, if looks could kill this would be one of them, moving over to the window she pulls the curtain aside and opens the window to stare out of the Estate the one Marthius had called for them or willing volunteers. Slumping in her seat, she scowls out the window, resting her head on her palm.

Tellian sigh's her sister was so stubborn sometimes. Sighing Tellian stands up and looks back "Sister, I will be back, watch my rapier". Polina wave's it off with her other hand. Tellian looks at the door and opens the door, she never left without her small pistol, a gnome made for her. Looking at the door that contained Marthuis, carefully she knocks on the door and await a response.

2 days earlier
Polina arrives in booty bay, with a snort she looks around, spotting the boat she was looks ing for "The golden mermaid" After walking to the boat, she steps on and is confronted by a tough looking orc" Who are you?"

Polina snorts at him, "I am just looking for my sister, Tellian" Brushing past the man, she goes below deck to see her sister sitting at a table with cards in her hand before she laughs and throws the cards down " 3 Ace of spades! i win again! better luck next time." Putting the 50 gold in her coin purse she looks up, noticing the dark form of her sister,Tellian stands upright" Is it time to go?" Polina simply nods at her sister.

Tellian, runs to her room on board and packs all the necessitous. Moving back, she follows her sister topside looking up Tellian yells" Captain! I am going to visit family! i will be back soon!".

A grizzled man staring at a map looks up and calls back" Alright, lassy be back in a week!" Nodding Tellian turns and walks with a dirty backpack over her shoulder, the sisters walk back to the Gryphon keeper and head to the place known as Blackwood Estate.
The heavy warhorse galloped the miles away, as the paladin upon his saddle looked towards the horizon. The road seemed clear, and Jorym noticed they were coming up on a small hamlet that had several houses, and a few small shops. However, it was the lit windows of the local inn or tavern that interested him at the moment. They had been travelling all day, and night had caught them on the road.

Jorym slowed the big horse to a gentle trot as he moved through the street towards the inn. It seemed very quiet, and as he slid down off the massive mount, he patted him on the neck. "Easy big fellow, we'll get you some oats in a minute, let me check this out." The horse flapped his lips, and nodded his head as if he understood.

Jorym stepped into a small brightly lit inn, and made his way to one of the few tables. He eyed a man that looked to be the proprietor, and asked for some hot food and a mug of ale. As he sat down, he set his shield against the wall beside him, and pulled off his helmet. He smiled warmly at the few customers that sat with drinks before them, but were staring in his direction.

He removed his gauntlets, while saying, "Say, I have a horse out front that's been ridden hard. Can someone please give him a rub down, and some oats? I'ld be willing to pay a few silver." One tall lanky fellow stood and made for the door, "I'll get him takin' care of, it's me job here."

A rather short woman with a severe look about her came over to his table with a plate of dark rye bread, and a large bowl of some kind of stew. He sniffed it, and told her it smelled delicious, and she returned to the back of the inn, wearing a big smile on her face. The other fellow, the proprietor, came over with his ale, foam sliding slowly down the side of the mug.

As Jorym ate his stew, he noted that it had a few more turnips and onions in it than he liked, but it was hot and filling. He sopped up the remaining stew with a few slices of the rye bread, then sat back, and sipped his ale. Looking around at what looked like farmers and a few of their field hands, or even sons, enjoying an evening ale before returning home for the night.
Maive sat at the dinning room table of the manor, the table covered with lavish foods and delicacies and the most lavish wines money could buy. Maive was so dumbfounded by the spread he really did not know what to do at first, and just sat there staring at it, he rubbed his wrinkled eyes thinking back on how he arrived at such a place.

It was few hours ago, he was sitting alone in an ally in stormwind, this day was especially miserable, even by Maive's standards, cold rain beat against his face, he sat huddled against his wolf companion Lillith, holding her tightly for her warmth, she was the only thing he had, the only thing he cared about, and more importantly the only thing that cared about him. Maive dug his face deep into his wolf's fur, she instinctively rested her head upon his shoulder. he glanced up to see a rat chewing at a half eaten piece of bread, so he let go of Lillith and lunged for the bread, but the rat was faster, it scurried away into a crevice with its meal.

Maive lays on the ground, the cold rain starts coming harder and he crawls to the hole the rat disappeared into, he can hear a voice inside the building speaking.

"So have you heard?" Said the raspy muffled voice. "Marthius is looking for people to join his his cause." Marthius, this name meant nothing to Maive, but for some unknown reason he decided to continue to eavesdrop, perhaps out of sheer boredom, the voice continued, "Yea, I heard he will take just about anybody, and put them up in his manor, and feed them like royalty if they do as he ask....."

This caught Maive's attention, "anybody" he said to himself, "to be fed like royalty?" Lillith now sitting beside him licking his face clean, he scratches her underneath her muzzle, "what do you think girl?" she lets out a slow wimper looking sadly into his eyes, "yea, I know to good to be true." He continues listening in on the conversation.

"The manor is in the forest to the west, when you knock on the door and get asked 'who is it', reply to them 'a harbinger of tomorrow'."

Maive sits at the table still trying to take the night in, he cannot believe he actually went through with it, much less that he was let in. Maive looks around at the other people who have came, everyone else seemed fairly well off, none of them wore tattered dirty cloths as he, nor looked as if they ever seen a day without food as he, or slept in the streets. They all looked well educated and and groomed, and something about them seemed 'shady'. Maive had a feeling looking at the other people who came he didn't belong, and soon as this "Marthius" guy saw him, he would run him off and tell him to never come back.

Maive looks back at the food, for now, he could care less, he begins stuffing food into all his pockets and dropping it on the floor beside him for Lillith, tonight they are going to enjoy as long as they can, once he became over encumbered stuffed into his clothes, he starts to pile it up on the plate before him and indulges himself in the sweet decadent flavors.

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Yanyun was riding his Yak down the road at a slow pace, travelling to a small settlement when he saw on the other end of the road a Human on a galloping warhorse, he wondered why the Human was in such a rush but shrugged, guessing it was for a good reason.

Kal'tok was on the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay, he wasn't enjoying it one bit and rushed off the moment it docked, heading to the tavern for a meal and some rest as he barely ate on the boat.

After a few minutes Yanyun reached the inn, he looked to the Human that was tending to the Warhorse that man on the road was riding and asked with a friendly smile "Is it alright if I have my Yak graze in the area?" The human gave a slow nod, slightly intimidated by the Bearman.

Kal'tok entered the tavern and made his way to the bar, weaving through the crowd of drunks so that he went unnoticed, the Goblin barkeeper looked up at the large Troll and proudly said "I got what you need." Kal'tok quickly looked around before sitting down and saying to the Goblin in a serious tone "I need information."

Yanyun climbed off of his mount and gave it a pat to let it know it could go graze, it grunted before going off to graze. Yanyun walked into the bar, most of the Humans there looked at him for a moment before looking back at eachother, they were also intimidated by him, the Innkeeper was pleased, knowing the Pandaren were good customers.

Kal'tok listened intently as the Goblin told him various rumors about Marthius including his location, it had cost him a gold coin and was worth it for the information, once the Goblin was done talking Kal'tok ordered his meal and drink.

Yanyun looked at the intimidated Humans and asked "Have you never seen a Pandaren before?" Most of them shook their heads which made Yanyun chuckle and say "Well you don't have to worry, I won't hurt you." He would then order a meal and some local ale before walking up to Jorym and asked "You look like you have some stories, would it be alright if I sit with you so that we can share a couple?"
Catheden rode his Dread Steed quickly. A bridge that had been taken out was apart of the road ahead. Catheden smirked, nothing of it, as he jumped over it with ease. He approached Blackwood Estate. He hopped off his steed and tied it to a metal pole that lead to some stairs. He headed up the stairs and knocked on the hardwood door.

His frosty azure eyes looking through the peeking hole to see if anyone was coming. He had his hands behind his back. He spoke out at a normal tone, "Master Blackwood? Are you home?" He sighed lightly as he waited at least a few moments. "Ms. Blackwood? Anyone?" He awaited for someone's arrival.

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Hearing the knocking, she got up and jogged to the door, beating a servant there. She liked to give them a break, she thought her father worked them to hard. He smiled gratefully and returned to his normal duties. She opened the door and smiled at the Death Knight.

She had seen him before and stepped aside to let him in. She decided to visit her father later on about giving the servants a break once in awhile.
Catheden smiled to see his master's daughter. "Hello Alice." He stepped inside and looked around, he was use to seeing the fancy interior of the manor. He nodded and looked at Alice. "Where is your father, Miss Blackwood?" He waited until she answered him. He looked around as he noticed some books lying around. He examined some of the designs within the house.

He frowned lightly at the thought of something that he couldn't tell Alice or her father. He shook his head at the thought and sat down in a chair. "So, how've you been, little girl?" He smiled at her. Catheden had known Marthius, Alice, and even his wife before she died. He was close to them due to the work he did for Master Marthius.
Marthius arose from his desk, came around it to unlock his study door, and step into the hallway of the third floor. He turned to lock the door, then made his way to the great staircase that led down to the lower floors. He had pulled back his cowl to rest on his shoulders, and his short wavy black hair could be seen, as he made his way to the second floor.

The third floor contained his study, his master bedroom, the room that Catheden used; though the Death Knight stayed there hardly at all, and Alice's room. He glanced about, and noticed nothing amiss as he walked slowly down the stairs.

The second floor had many guest quarters, and a small sitting room. It was decorated similarly to all the estate, with rich tapestries, and tall long drapes that covered the windows that looked over the courtyard, and some of the estate. He made his way down the stairs to the main floor.

As he descended the stairs, he noticed his trusted companion, Catheden, speaking with his daughter, Alice. When he saw Alice his eyes lit up and he smiled.

"Alice, my dear, it is so good to see you, have you dined yet? I was coming down to see what Esther had created for all our guests of honor, as well as have a bite myself. Please tell me you'll be joining me." His voice was deep and mellow, as he spoke to Alice.

He reached the bottom of the stairs, and looked to Catheden. "I was just about to examine,, look in on our guests that you were so good to invite, and see how they find the fare we have set out for them. I know you normally don't partake of such things, but please, join Alice and I for dinner, I insist." His voice and nature showed it wasn't so much an invitation, as an order. Though his smile seemed genuine.

Marthius stepped to the grand dining room door and opened one of the doors to step into it. His face appeared calm and slightly amused, as he made his way to the head of the table. He noted several of the people who sat at the table, particularly the fellow in rags with a dog, no, it was a wolf.

As he took his seat, he motioned Edwards, his butler to step close to his side. "Edwards, see that man over there is given suitable clothing for dining at my table, and be sure he is bathed also. Both of them," pointing to the man and the wolf, "won't you?" The warlock smiled, and Edwards merely said "Yes, sir" as he stood beside his master's chair.

"Now, Edwards." His tone cold, and hard. And the butler made his way over to the man in rags, and told him to follow him. Marthius then smiled over at his daughter, and Catheden. "The food smells wonderful, doesn't it?"
Maive catches a glimpse of a of a well dressed hooded man entering the dinning hall, holding a staff, and carrying himself in a way that suggested he was someone of importance, probably the head of the house he thought to himself, "what was his name again? 'Marcus?', 'Mathis?' ". A servant approached the hooded figure, and the hooded whispered something in his ear, and pointed at Maive. The Butler began walking his way, "well, I guess we are about to be ran off now, surprised it took them this long". Maive started eating faster, racing against the butler's slow pace to reach him, to take in as much food as he could, and placed another plateful of food down for Lillith.

When the butler reached him Maive has a large drumstick in hand and was taking an enormous bite out of it, the butler stood beside him, keeping a very professional posture, glancing down at Maive from the corner of his eye, Maive pretended not to notice him.

"Ahem..." Maive now forced to swallow the last bite of the drumstick and give the butler his attention. "Master Blackwood would like to extend his hospitality by giving you a proper bath and some fresh clothes." Maive chocked a bit in shock, he had all but dismissed the idea that be let stay, Maive looked up at Marthius whom raised a glass of wine at him and smiled, quickly looked around on the table for a glass to return the toast with, only finding the half empty wine bottle he was drinking strait from, and picked it up and and held it above his head returning the smile. Not the classiest return toast, but then again, Maive was anything but classy.

Maive turned to face the butler, finding his voice "I - - - I don't know, I don't want to intrude." Maive sees the butler take a whiff of the air, and his face contorts a bit, Maive forgot he probably smells something like an ogre's backside.

"No, no trouble at all, I sure the master INSIST. Just leave your clothes by the door so that I can....dispose of them...your companion too, now come with me." The butler looks down at Lillith who is happily gnawing at a bone, catching his eye she lets out a low growl.

"LILLITH!" Maive gently slaps her shoulder, "That is no way to act to these people after the way they've treated us!" Maive turns his attention back to the butler, "Sorry about that, she gets a little defensive around people she doesn't know while she is eating, I guess I'll take you up on that offer."

Maive follows the butler through the halls, finally taking in just how large it was, the halls were filled with paintings of people he didn't recognize, and expensive looking pottery with fresh flowers adorning them, delicately organized in beautiful arrangements, Maive comments at one of them, "definitely the work of the woman of the house? It definitely has a gentle touch to them." Trying to make small-talk as they navigate the mansion.

"You speak of Lady Alice, Master Blackwood's daughter, Madam Blackwood is no longer with us. And yes, Lady Alice often brings such arrangements when she goes on her hunts. " They stop at a door, at which the butler opens, and bows down respectfully. "The bath is in this room sir, I hope you find everything to your liking, just ring the bell if you need anything, you will find fresh cloths by the door when you finish."

Maive enters the bathroom and Lillith follows closely behind. The bathroom was no less impressive, not only did it come included with the luxury of running water, but the facet to the bath was shaped like a Pandarian serpent made of gold, and water came out of its mouth when he pulled rope next to it, that was steamy hot to the touch. The stood on a marble pedistool shaped like a dwarf warrior holding a shield with both hands over his head, which was used as the bowl of the sink. Maive was awestruck by all the small details that nobles would have taken for granted. Maive thought to himself, "sheesh, this guy must be richer then King Varian! And to think, I am being treated like a guest!"

The bath had finally filled up and Maive undressed himself placing all the food from the pockets beside the tub, Lillith must have had her fill already, because she ignored it and laid curled up by the door. "Its your turn next girl!" Lillith curled tighter and put a paw over her face. "I can still see you, you know?"

Maive eases into the tub and lays down in it. The water was warm and relaxing, but instantly turns a grayish - brown, "I may need two baths" he thought to himself.
About an hour later after he finishes bathing himself twice and Lillith, he finds himself looking in the mirror, he was shocked to discover that without all the dirt and grime on himself his complexion was not nearly as dark as he thought it was, be spots a strait-blade on the sink, and figures he might as well go all the way, and lathers up his face and cuts away all the rough beard on his face leaving nothing but a mustache, then he cracks the door open and takes the cloths that Edwards had prepared for him. It was a pair of black slacks made of a thick fabric accommodated a black leather belt with a brass buckle with a , and a white button-up satin shirt, and a pair black dress shoes. Maive got dressed up and stared at his reflection for a while, he almost like he was a noble himself, he smiled at the thought that he probably wouldn't get ran off from the Stormwind Inn, or the tavern looking this way.

"Bet I could attract all those pretty Night Elf maidens looking this good, eh Lillith?" Lillith Barked happily, "What do you mean more like dwarven women at best if they are drunk enough!?" Maive looked back at his reflection, although he was grateful for all the hospitality shown to him, he really didn't feel completely comfortable, the face, the person looking back at him, was not his own he felt, and he did not belong here. Maive kneels beside Lillith and rubs her head, and speaks in a low tone. "Guess we better go show our gratitude to Blackwood, you better be on your best behavior too."

Maive and Lillith navigate the hallways to the dinning area, as he made his way to Marthius he could not help but feel as if every pair of eyes in the room was following him, he reaches Marthius and struggles to think of the way noble people talk, thinking if Marthius was kind enough to dress him like one, the least he could do in return was behave like one.

"Th..thank you Lord Blackwood, your kindness to me is but a testament of how great of a man you must be. I am Maive, I will be happy to be of service to you."
Marthius was just completing his meal, and sipping on a nice after dinner wine when a gentleman entered the dining room. As he watched the man move towards him, he realized it was the man with the wolf. And the warlock smiled warmly, and rose from his chair.

"Maive, is it? I am very happy that you took us up on the offer of hospitality. I find a change of clothes and a hot bath can change the very outlook of the day for me. Please, sit here beside my right hand man, this is Catheden."

Marthius picks up as small wine glass, and fills it about half full with the after dinner wine. He holds it out to Maive, saying, "This is best sipped, and savored, Maive. And Maive, the kitchen is always open to you, merely speak to Edwards here, and he will take you to Esther, the cook, and she can fix you anything you desire. Understood? There's no need to, um, shall we say "pocket" any for later." Marthius smiles, then turns to resume a conversation with Catheden and Alice.
"You look like you have some stories, would it be alright if I sit with you so that we can share a couple?"

Jorym stood, and waved to a chair at the table. "Aye, tales I have, though one is more than enough for me, so I can keep my mind sharp. I have met many Pandarens here in our own lands, as well, as in Pandaria. I am finding your culture very interesting. So, what might a sophisticated fellow such as yourself be doing in such a dismal area as this?"

Jorym returns to his chair, and sips his mug of ale.
Alice only nodded at the Death Knight's question and smiled. She was shy around others like him, not because of fear, but hoping not to say something offensive.

She smiled, "Of course father." She said, when Marthius asked if she would be joining him for dinner.

She took a seat beside her father like always, and kept quiet. She was usually very talkative, but today was different. She smiled slightly at everyone sitting at the table, including Catheden. She resumed eating, and looked up as her father called Edwards to his side, then listened as he game him an order, wincing inwardly at his tone.

She suddenly wasn't hungry anymore and looked at her father. "May I be excused from the table?" She asked softly, not looking at the others. this was becoming increasingly common for her, as her father did this often.
Marthius looked at his daughter, and tried to determine what it was that suddenly made her wish to be excused. He briefly set his elbows on the table, and bridged his hands over his plate, then rested his chin on his entwined fingers. His eyes searched the table and noted each one seated, and dining. Then he lifted his head, and removed his elbows from the table. Then turned to his daughter, Alice.

"No, you may not be excused, my dear. This has been occurring more and more, and I for one want to know why you find you can no longer sit with me while we dine. So, tell me, Alice, why do you wish to be excused at this very moment? Hmm?" His voice was calm and polite.
"I wish not to say it in front of the present company, father." She said as she looked at him. She loved him, but the way he treated the servants was something she disliked. She didn't want to point that out to the guests.
Yanyun nodded at the human, a smile was on his face as he sat down. He listened to the Human and replied to his question "I'm here because the road took me here, I've been wandering since the large threats in Pandaria have been taken care of, listening to stories and rumors along with helping anyone in danger I come across."

Kal'tok walked out of the tavern after he finished his meal, his instincts told him something was wrong and he pays attention to them. A Human male had gotten up to follow Kal'tok who was heading towards the tunnel that leads to the wilds.

Yanyun thanked the woman who had brought him his meal and mug of ale, he took a drink from his mug before asking the armoured man "So what about you? Why are you in this area?"

Kal'tok was close to the tunnel, he threw a gold coin at the guard there and winked at him, he knew someone was following him and intended to deal with it now.
Marthius looked at his daughter, and listened to the tone of her voice. While he was not pleased with her answer, he was so proud of her for standing up to him, even politely! He loved her a great deal, but he needed to know what was it that caused her to act this way.

He stood, he looked at Catheden and excused himself and his daughter. "Alice, if it pleases you, meet me in my study. I would have this taken care of now and not later."

The warlock stepped to a curtained area in the dining room, and moved to the ward that was placed there. A simple word was spoken, and Marthius found himself in his study, over a similar ward like that in the dining room. He moved to unlock the door to his study, then went to sit in his chair behind the desk, waiting for his daughter to arrive.
Alice stared slightly at where he father had been sitting, then smiled to Catheden and walked out, nodding to Edwards, who stood attentively. She walked at a normal pace to her father's study. She knocked a couple of times before entering.

I just need to say it. . . Keeping her voice even, she said, "I don't like the way you've been treating the servants." She wasn't just referring to his tone, no it was mostly the other times, the way he yelled at them if they made one little mistake.

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