Stroke of Midnight ((IC))

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Bodor glanced back at the man when the barmaid returned and sure enough he raised his mug in salute. He picked up his drink and walked over to the pair. He sat down and took a drink.

"Why brings you two to this neck of the woods?" He inquired.
Paulina and Tellian walk into the dining room, looking around, Paulina takes everything in stride watching everything with a careful eyes. Tellian, pulls out a seat near the man in charge. Looking to her sister Tellian looks at the seat then back at Paulina. Taking the hint, Paulina takes a seat. Tellian is unarmored with no weapons on her body, a dark contrast to her sister. Who is wearing her entire armor. Tellian, grabs a plateful of eggs and pancakes and some sausage. Eating quickly, she looks at her sister" Eat Paulina."

Her sister looks to Tellian and shrugs" No, the food may be poisoned." Tellian sighs knowing her sister was afraid of poison. Looking around Tellian looks to the man she had known as Marthius. Also looking to the younger girl. Standing she moves toward the man. Moving quickly near him she curtsies quickly" And you are Marthius i presume yes?"
"I am Jorym Stonehorse," and then he lowers his voice some, "We are here to defeat the warlock preparing to turn common folk into demons...this Marthius Blackwood." Having said the name more hushed, he notices that there is no commotion this time.

He offers his hand to the man before him. "Pleased to me you..."
Marthius was finishing his pancakes and sausages, and took a few pieces of fruit when the two women entered the dining room. He stood, and waited for them to seat themselves, then introduced himself and his daughter, "Welcome, I am Lord Marthius Blackwood, and this is my lovely daughter, Alice. I do not remember seeing you for dinner last night. I hope you are finding the rooms to your satisfaction?"

The warlock noticed the warrior hesitant to eat, "Please, I assure you the food is fine, and Esther has done a fine job of setting a nice breakfast. Please, I would not poison anyone here. You are my guests."

Marthius smiles at the girl seated beside him. " I am, Marthius, and you are?"
Tellian smiles at the man and with a look at her sister she sigh's" She is nervous to say the least. Her imp convinced her that people where after her. Adding to her dangerous nature already." Bowing she smile's" Thank you for inviting us, I appreciate it. Please tell your cook that the food he or she cooks is wonderful."

Turning she moves back to her seat, looking at Paulina, she snarls" Eat something! not just another damn one of those damn stones." Paulina look at Tellian through the mist covering her face, clearly upset 'Do not tell me what i can and cannot sister. I am still older then you even by an hour."

Tellian sigh's and leans back into the chair. Only to look back at her hesitating sister, who pulls the hood down and takes a gingerly bite of a pancake before pausing as if listening to something before swallowing. Tellian sighs and rush's back over to the man" I am sorry, i forgot to answer your last question. My name is Tellian and she" Motioning over to Paulina" I s my older sister. She is not too sociable or nice and is too cautious so even a thank you from her is an awe inspiring thing." bowing she turns a deep shade of red as she feels embarresed as Paulins stare seems to drill into her back.
Maive lays stretched out over the bed and Lillith at his feet, he was in a cold deep-sleep, maybe he had a little to much wine the night before, or perhaps it was just that it was the first time he had slept on something other then stone ground in back alleys of Stormwind.

There was a knock on the door, followed by Edward's voice, "Mas....Maive, breakfast will be served in an hour, please get dressed and make your way to the dinning hall. If you have not arrived once breakfast begins I'll come by and will have to drag you out myself, the master does not like to be kept waiting."

Maive was not phased at all by thing, he closest thing to acknowledgement to the wakeup call was curling up onto his side with his back facing the doorway. Lillith however was at full attention and starred intensely at the door, she made her way to Maive's head and licked his balding head, Maive rolled over, falling off the edge of the bed, he hit the floor with a loud thud, his eyes jolted open and he quickly out stretched his arm in the air and gasped, "SOPHIE!!!" his voice echoed through the room and his breathing was fast. He laid motionless for several moments until his senses came to, then he relaxed and let out a sigh.

There was a loud rustle of footsteps and the door flew open Edwards stood at the entrance of the room looking bewildered, "Master Maive, are you alright?!" Maive slowly stood up to reply.

"Yea, just fell off the bed and forgot where I was." Maive looks at Lillith who is still on the bed, he could tell by her eyes that she looked worried for him, so he pets her between her ears. "I guess I should take her for a walk so she can 'do her business' she hasn't been out since we've got here."

Edwards Nods "You can take her to the woods behind the manor where Lady Alice walks Malia." Edwards walks away closing the door behind him. Maive changes into his cloths and makes his way outside behind the manor, he finds a stump to sit on, and lets Lillith run about, the air was cool and crisp.

"Guess they didn't kick me out after all." Maive smiles to himself and watches Lillith run about.
Marthius has a bemused look on his face, as Tellian first comes to his chair to thank him for the invitation, then watched the interaction between the two sisters, then Tellian coming back to introduce herself, and her sister.

His thoughts were on both the sisters, and where they might fit into his day, particularly the one called Paulina. As Tellian rattles on about her sister, looks towards Paulina with a smile. His voice is deep and warm as he talks to Paulina, "I can understand your hesitation and anxiety of being in a new place such as Blackwood Manor, Miss Paulina. Please, let me know, personally, if there is anything I can do to make your stay here as comfortable as I can." His smile is warm as he looks at her with her hood over her eyes, and she attempts to nibble another bite of the pancake. "Perhaps there is something else you would like for breakfast that would set your mind at ease? I can have Esther prepare you something, you need merely to ask, my dear." Marthius' voice is warm and soothing as he asks Paulina a question.
Paulina turns toward the man with a sneer she eyes the man" I don't trust cooking by anyone but my sister." Listening carefully she nods "Ya, well, my sisters food is better but this will have to do." Turning away she looks silently at the pancake and turning towards the man again she nods" I was hasty with those comments." with a hand motion a small imp falls onto the ground it jumps to its feet chattering in a language to those who understood demonic would her" Damn, what the hell do you want woman!" Paulina snarls and hands the pancake to him "Eat stupid. "

Standing she looks at the man and then at her sister" This place is strange, i prefer our old house." Sitting down she toss's the fork angrily at the imp who nimbly dodges it and chatters something back to which Paulina starts to argue the word "Dumb" and "Fell" appearing every other word. Tellian sighs and shakes her head at the two" They always argue it is strange"
Alice turned to her father, "I've got to walk Malia before I go, since I can't bring her with me. Do you mind father." She smiled at the two young women who had entered, her smile welcoming. She wasn't quite ready to leave but almost there.
Marchius listened briefly to Paulina concerning the food, and when the imp popped in and she went to give the pancake to the imp, his eyes narrowed. However, when she threw the fork at the imp, he stood to his full height.

"Paulina! Enough!", his voice was deep, and had a strict tone to it. "We do not entertain pets at the table, is that understood? Pick up the fork, and either sit in you chair, or leave. You have disrupted my breakfast enough! Is that understood?" He looked at her sternly, awaiting her reply.
Alice jumped at her father's sudden change of tone and looked at the woman he was referring to, seeing that he was talking to the one who had thrown the fork at the imp. She looked back at her father questioning, waiting for him to calm down, as well as awaiting an answer.
Paulina pauses and looks up listening she stares at the man. Nodding she looks at the imp and picks up the fork "Go back to the room Xer'sers." The imp grumbles and scuttles off through the door. Looking back to the man she shrugs and sits down pulling the hood back up over her head and letting the green smoke fall over her face. Staring straight ahead she does not answer but sits down and stares at the wall.
Marthius watched as the imp left the dining room, and he sat down, his gaze still on Paulina. As he turned to Tellian, and apologized for his outburst.

He linked his fingers before him, as he thought for a oment, and it could be seen that his face was relaxing and he was returning to a resemblance of Alice's father again. His voice was soft, and somewhat mellow, as he spoke to his daughter.

"Alice, do what you feel and know is best. Are you going out alone then, or will you take another of your pets with you?"

His gaze kept returning to Paulina, and his eyes were saddened by the promise of what she might have been, with the proper training, and mentor.
"I will take Farthen." Farthen was her wolf. She smiled at her father and got up, then went to fetch Malia, and strolled into the woods, letting her chase some squirrels and rabbits.
Tellian rush's back to her sister, leaning in she whispers" Now, you just cant go and do that! think of how mother would feel!" Angry she shakes her head and sits down grumpily. Paulina turns to the man, locking eyes with him she holds the gaze and looks away from him. Staring into her own world. Suddenly she stands and looks at the man "Why do you keep looking at me like that?"
Marthius stands and speaks to Paulina with a steady deep voice, "You ask why I stare at you? I stare because I could see so much potential in you, young warlock. I watched as you chittered and fought with your imp. You have no control, and it has no respect for you."

Marthius walks slowly around the table towards Paulina. "You are it's master, or mistress, how ever you wish to call yourself. And you do not dalley in bickering with the likes of an imp. They are nothing, and should be controlled with an iron fist."

Marthius places his hands on the back of Paulina's chair. "A true warlock needs to have a confidence, a strength of will, and they can go far. Do not believe that the imp is a friend or confidente, it would sooner eat your soul than to be under your domination. So it is with all must master yourself, Paulina, so that you can master them."

The Lord of Blackwood, kneels down beside Paulina's chair, and looks at her, his voice calm and demanding, "Would you continue to be as you are? Or would you like to learn more, and have more power and more control than you ever thought possible?"
Maive spots Alice approaching through the woods with a panther at her side, he thinks he sees her look in his direction, so he straightens his posture on the stump a bit and waves at her, Lillith must have also taken notice of her, because she slowly made her way back to Maive and laid behind covering her face with her paws. Maive turns around and looks at her.

"You know, you are really not living up to the whole ferocious wolf thing being all timid all the time..."
Paulina looks the man and she snorts listening to the man watching him walk toward her listening to every word. Looking at him she snorts" The imp is of no concern." Still stunned at what the man said she turns her body to face him pulling down her hood she leans in and smiles with a calm voice she looks at the man" I fear no man or demon. They may not respect me but they will fear me." With a calm sneer "What could you possibly teach me, that my mother has not taught me already? But i will humour you. What do you wanna teach me?" Smiling at him she puts her hand on the table.

Purring at him slightly she smile's " So, what can you teach me that my mother father have not taught me yet? "sitting back she twirls a knife with one hand watching his reactions and cross's her legs to watch the man intently.
Alice smiled as Maive waved at her, then seeing his wolf. She reached him after a bit, and petted Malia, before she leaped down the hill and into the forest. She felt kinda bad for leaving Malia and take Farthen, but Farthen needed some experience, he was still a little untame.

"It's so peaceful out here. I prefer this to the Manor sometimes." She spoke softly, her tone different, more normal, instead of polite, like it was around her father.
Maive nods slightly, "I can imagine, your manor is beautiful and all, but it seems to...empty. The home I had once was always full of life, despite being nothing more then a single bed room and a kitchen. We where happy there, then.. " Maive rubes one of his eyes and pauses. "Well that is in the past, I meet up with Lillith here and its been the two of us ever' since!" Maive reaches down and pats Lillith between her ears. "Ya know, I don't even think she knows she is a wolf, first time she saw a worgen I swear to you she kept tryin' to learn to walk on her hind legs for over a week!"

"I've spent a many of nights out in the open as you can imagine, and I can see why you like it here." Maive turns his head and watches two rabbits play with a squirrel; "I can see why the druids like nature so much while here."

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