Herbalism or Mining?

What would you recommend for an alt (Priest, tailoring as main prof):

Herbalism or mining?
Either, just depends on whether you like the buff either may provide, or the money you could earn off of them.

Also, do you have any other toons that have alchemy/inscription or blacksmithing/engineering?
Before lvl 68, I would level both gathering professions for the additional experience. From 68-90, I would probably go for herbalism and the on use haste cooldown as a shadow priest, though I am not sure how many DoTs you would be applying while questing.

EDIT: Doubtful you will need the stamina from mining as a healing class.
My other toons (besides this) are lower lvl alts with Tailoring/Enchanting and another with Jewelcrafting/Mining.
Herbalism gives a nice on use haste buff.
Mining gives a static stamina buff.

Priests need haste WAY more than stamina, go with herbalism.

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