Show off your latest Transmogs!

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<3 My Dreambinder
Need my T3 shoulders and Belt but check it out
It looks so much cooler in game with feathers and lightning every where....

And my shoulders don't cover half of me. >.>
I went old school... I wish Apostle of Argus showed up better in the pic.
nice set xent
You're the stuff of nightmares, Dako. :o
Gotta love feralheart
I really like yours Orishastorm. Haven't seen that setup before.

Keep em comin peeps!
Sibenice i love your set, best Worgen druid iv'e seen =]

still working on mine but like the way this set looks on Tauren females.
Need a new belt and weapons, but I like it

@Trafficz I really like yours. Simple but effective.
farming a new set. this one works for now.
Mine looks awesome in game.. Kinda wonky on armory.
01/31/2013 12:53 PMPosted by Tkashi
Mine looks awesome in game.. Kinda wonky on armory.

Naw, it looks great in the armoury. Very form fitting.

I put this set together because my brother complained that he kept losing track of me in BGs. I couldn't find a bright white set, so cream is what I settled for.
Thought I might as well toss my hat in the ring also :)

I was trying to go for the whole leather and claws look to match Feral Worgen.
It is probably better with the cape turned off, but otherwise this has been my fall back mog for ages, just with a shiny new MoP weapon.

^ my tanking Transmorge... so sexy
No one so far have I seen use my set

ignore da tabard
I've grown a liking to mine. The pants have pockets!

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