Holy Melee healing might be in the future

So, I just saw a twitter from GC regarding possible plans for Holy "Fistweaving" style in the future. He mentioned that he thinks it would fit the Holy "kit" and it'll be "Kept in mind for the future". He did, however, say no immediate plans for it were in the works.

How does everyone feel about this?

Personally, I always thought a Holy Paladin should be healing from the frontlines rather than standing in the back. Also melee healing has always been an enjoyable healing style to me, far more dynamic than traditional healing mechanics. I am very much looking forward to seeing how they go about doing this.
It'd have to be added in a way that compliments our current playstyle, rather than making our current playstyle less effective and forcing us to do it. Fistweaving is fun / sounds fun and all, but if too much of our healing REQUIRES us to be in melee range, of an enemy, ally, or whatever else, we become somewhat worthless.

I imagine they wouldn't make it the only way to heal, but just saying.
Also, GC was making some really odd tweets the other day, it could easily be a joke / friend/coworker messing with his twitter / hacker being funny / etc
I imagine they wouldn't make it the only way to heal, but just saying.
Also, GC was making some really odd tweets the other day, it could easily be a joke / friend/coworker messing with his twitter / hacker being funny / etc

That'd make me cry.

and then eat a tub of ice cream. Cookie dough.

While the potential Holy Paladin melee healing style needs to be a choice rather than the go to way to play Holy, it also needs to be effective enough to be a viable choice.

Right now, the closest thing we have is using Selfless Healer and Glyph of the Battle Healer. These provide laughable melee healing power, unable to even come close to what traditional healing can do.
I actually play a monk as well and the way they did the Monk's fistweaving is pretty awesome. You can bounce between fist and mistweaving seamlessly and use it based on intensity of the fight or your own personal play style.

If they balance it as well as they did the Monk, I don't think it will be a problem for anyone. You can either utilize it or not, the choice would be up to you without losing any major healing throughput.
I am sorry if I will mention another game, but in Allods, Melee Healer is pure DPS. I hope that will be realized and let Ret be CC-based and damage reflect type of dps. ^^
I was actually thinking that the Holy Melee healer should be like WAR's Warrior Priest.
Or RoM's priest warrior. ^^
I think it would be neat. I think the only concern really is that if they want to start shifting towards having these alternate healing styles available, (1st AA/A disc, then fistweaver, now possibly battle holy) they need to rethink the way certain fights work. Things that spec check to target ranged and healer specs would need to be smart enough to know when it's ok to use it on a melee healer, or the 2 styles have to be balanced enough that if a fight makes one style impossible, then you can just as easily use the other. Plus with more healers also doing damage, DPS enrage timer balancing may become an issue. It's one thing to have 1 spec out of 5 that can provide DPS while healing, it's not like was ever feasible to just stack disc priests for damage. (except of course the shenanigans on H Halfus.) But once you have 3 different options for DPS healers, that gives enough healer variety to only use those, and then the other specs get left to be less desirable.

It's definitely doable, I just think they'd need to take it a step further than just making battle healer holy viable.
While the game itself was terrible, Warhammer Online's Warrior Priest played very similar to what you're referring to. How it worked was that your melee attacks and abilities would generate a resource very similar to WoW's Rage called Holy Power, which would then be used to perform your Healing and Support abilities. It worked out very well as the class was actually incredibly fun to play.
Allods was garbage. Stacking a stat so that your heals don't get resisted by allies? Completely stupid. I played a paladin in that game too... ugh.

Now... Warrior Priests of Sigmar from WAR? Hell to the ya. One of the few classes, along with its mirror - the DoKs, that worked as advertised and weren't broken mechanicwise. I would love to see paladins work similarly. Battle Healer glyph is the closest thing we have at the moment. It's garbage for Holy spec, a dps loss for Ret, and a gigglestorm for Prot.

Amg.. healing my teammates by smashing a foe's head in. How is that not awesome?!

Anyway, if done correctly, it'd be long overdue.
How about fixing our melee attacks while Eternal Flame is active? That would give me incentive to be in melee, Ghostcrawler.

I don't need to be a monk, I'd just like to be able to swing my weapon once in a while :-P

Well, I think that the Battle Healer glyph mechanic would be the heart of whatever future "Melee healer" style that Holy Paladins get. However, since it currently only effects melee damage (which for holy is Crusader strike and Auto attack), it'll probably need to be fleshed out to also effect Holy's other attacks.

Honestly, I can't wait for something like this to happen. To me, Holy Paladins should have always had the option to heal via melee from the start (however, the technology back then was comparatively primitive to what we have now). Among the things i'd like to see is the Old Judgement of Light mechanic making a comeback, as well as a "Healing strike" that deals damage converted into high single target healing.
What a horrible idea. I've been a holy paladin since day one and I'd honestly probably reroll or quit the game if they implemented that. Blizzard has been going down hill for me since Lich King. I hope Elder Scrolls MMROPG surprises all of us.
I've enjoyed the idea of a "Battle Priest" more than any other form of healer that sits in the back and chills; that love and enjoyment started all the way back with pnp DnD.

I'd love it if we were given the means to heal in melee. The biggest downfall I see to this is that the game is so AoE reliant, boss wise, that I feel as though we'd risk more "oh !@#$" moments if we were to be in with the rest of the melee.
Oh yes. Because of all the class imbalances right now those holy paladins need it the most.
01/28/2013 12:10 AMPosted by Ozt
Oh yes. Because of all the class imbalances right now those holy paladins need it the most.

A change like this is more of an expansion thing anyway.

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