which realms are actually alive?

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im looking for a realm to play on.. im not sure about the alliance, but horde on Khaz'goroth is just dead. so which oceanic realm has a strong PVE horde?
As far as Oceanic servers go, I have only played on Saurfang. Pretty sure it is Ally dominant but the Horde still seem pretty active here. You can look it up somewhere what the horde/Ally ratio's are on each server.

Will give you a good indication what server pops are currently in terms of PVE content.
thanks friends
Thaurissan is quite literally 99% horde, good PVE too.
Barth is ok. somewhat horde dominated but both sides have good progression guilds. almost no pugs on ally tho....so if you do come you will needa find a guild
Frostmourne Alliance is very nice.

Barth Horde is also nice, but I prefer FM Alliance (though it has a distinct lack of 25man guilds).

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