Looking for raiders (casual) 10m

Hi all, Me and some of my friends just came back to WOW recently and are looking for some like-minded people who are keen to raid 10m MOP raids.

Who should be reading this and who might be interested?
If you are a working adult who have just got back to wow and have hit 90 recently and not in a mad rush to raid, then please consider us. We are casual players who have a very experienced geared tank (who knows the fights) and other players who are busy gearing up currently. We are looking to raid 3 hours, 2-3 times a week, with progression in mind, but at the same time, not playing like mad in the old days. We have our own commitments outside. This is not a guild recruitment, but rather, just some friends seeking out like-minded people who intends to gear up slowly while enjoying wow.

What kind of attitude do we expect and what can you expect from us
We are working adults who were hardcore gamers but now casual as age has caught up with us. Politics and drama should be left outside the game. Basically, we are looking to set up a group of closely knitted players around a fixed time that is convenient to all parties and to build strong friendship as we go along.

What classes do we need now?
For the time being, we are looking for priest discipline,druid restro and warlock deso and hunter, other interested classes pls free free to apply.

interested parties pls put your interest here or drop me or meatsak a msg in game for more details. I will get back to you shortly.

PS: sorry bout the u in my character's name ^^;;
I'm interested in transfering to Aman'Thul. I recently started playing again so I'm just gearing up through LFR. I'll be playing most nights so i should be full LFR geared in not too long.

I'm holy and I work full time and have irl commitments etc, so I'm just looking for a casual raiding guild. I've played off and on since vanilla and would love to get raiding this patch.

My battletag is Reflex#1805
Would be willing to join. I only know tanking, and that is what I would prefer to do. I like to learn fights, but as you posted, I am too old, and too busy to get back into raiding like a maniac like when I was younger. However, I would like to join in, casually, once in a while :)
willing to join once I hit 90 and have the minimum gear requirements for your raid...
If you let me know what times, I could be interested. Currently gearing this girl for shadow, but might be willing to gear her for disc if the times suit me (my main is a disc priest on horde side, so I know the spec well)
hello, Im a prot paladin with a item level of 471 and would love to join I have raiding experience. and have a off spec of ret and need to know what times
if you are still interested in having me in the team battle tag #meatface6893
sounds like fun to me - any more details on ETA of starting raiding and what days / times? I'm only keen in 2 - 3 max days a week and could raid any time from around 7pm ST onwards for about 3 hours each evening... does this sound about what you're looking for?
Hello, thinking of transferring servers to find a casual guild and you're something i am looking for. Holy priest who just came back from a long break and just started to gear.

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