Ye Ole Hangmen (14/15) 10 man LF Healer

Shattered Hand
Ye Ole Hangmen is looking for a healer! At the moment the specific classes we are looking for are as follows but not limited to:

Resto Shaman

Mistweaver Monk

Holy Paly

We will always look at and consider applications from exceptional players.
Things you need to know/should have if you want to join up and raid with us:
We are currently pushing through all major content.
We raid 7:30-11:00PM server time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.
You must be able to show to up to all the raids. Having to miss out on 1 raid because of a legit reason is fine, not showing up and not posting on our forums that you can’t come is not ok.
You must have a good idea of the fights as we go into them. We are a progression guild. We do explanations and give time to watch videos before a new fight, but knowing what you’re doing is a vital part of what we do.
You MUST come to raids on time and with the correct food and flasks. We do provide feasts and cauldrons but we want everyone to have a back up plan in case something comes up.
You must have a good attitude while raiding, and if that means not talking in vent that’s just fine. We like to keep our raids relaxed and fun, a happy raider in an efficient raider. :D
You must be able to accept criticism and assist your fellow players.

If you want to get bosses down, and want to do with it with a fun group and you can make our raid times, then sign up on our website at or whisper myself, Luciferkrist, or Lindora in game.
What happened to Rebelduck? :(
He let us know he was taking a break 5 days into mists. We miss that little undead tank
Pretty please?
Bump for a good group of guys.

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