Requesting Realm Merge/Migration

I have notices that this realm is fairly quiet. Especially in cities. I play horde and I know that this realm is mostly made up if alliance but I still feel that horde shouldn't be as dead as it seems. My entire guild agrees with me on this too.

Trade Chat is empty most of the day with a post here and there. The auction house never has items for sale nor can you really make sales on it. It's difficult to find a populated guild or recruit for one.

I would just move my Druid off and find another but I have too many high leveled too to move them all. Also, I know a bunch of other people that are in the same situation.

I see a solution being if Blizzard merges our realm with another realm with a similar problem.
Or another solution could be if Blizzard offered a free transfer for toons to a new realm or another med pop realm to help balance out the issue.
Yeah, I would like to get my priest and warlock off that server too.
This issue has been beaten to death on the general forums. While I do support a realm merge, it is clear Blizzard does not support it due to the fact they still make bank on server transfers. CRZ is their solution to the problem, although it does not solve anything but complaints about seeing people in the world.

There were two 500+ page threads about CRZ and how it does not solve anything. Here is one going over the good and bad things about it:

Blizzard still ignored the plea to merge servers, although it was stated clearly in that thread. Instead they answered about the complaints for CRZ, which was unstickied even before the 25 page thread cap. It is clear they will do nothing of the sort or even entertain the idea of server merges, so it's just better if you don't think about it either.

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