[H] Eternal Chaos recruiting RELIABLE heals

Bleeding Hollow
Eternal Chaos is recruiting a RELIABLE healer that won't flake out on raid days. You need to be able to watch videos and replicate strategies and not be stupid.

Times are Tues. & Thurs. 7pm-10pm server time and some Sundays are played by ear.

6/6 msv - 4/6 hof - 2/4 terrace

ilvl min.- 480+

Whisper or send mail to Nismo, Suspicious, Nikolascage, or Gilco.

Trials/raiders that prove to be stupid will be dismembered and fed alive to the Nikolascage.

**NOTE: trials must spend 30 minutes in the closet with Nismo NO EXCEPTIONS without any lights on and whatever happens, happens.
bump and grind
Oh yummy, 7 minutes in heaven?!? Where do I sign up?
Or can you really last the whole 30 minutes? >:)
Send one of us an in game mail and we will schedule you for happy fun time with Nismo.
I should mention Nismo lasted wayyyy longer than a half hour! There was a little performance issue in the beginning when we included this Dk... But in the end that was an amazing couple of hours. Well worth the inquiry ;)
Well played Enymy... Well Played.

I am interested in signing up. I'll shoot an in-game mail to one of you :)
Things could get interesting in 30 minutes though... It seems I have my work cut out for me.
bump and such.
And such? What is this such???? Is it kinky?
No Healy sexy closet time yet?
nismo go back to your home on wh0re island.
This thread would not be approved by chuck norris

6/6 MSV.
5/6 HoF.
3/4 ToES.

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