How can I raise my item level?

I hate doing dailies....
BoE epics, JP/VP upgrades, Conquest gear, and plain ol' hoping for drops. Dailies are another path of course, and depending on how much you hate dailies vs how much you want gear, might be worth suffering through for a few days. There's also a Klaxxi neck which you already have the rep for; +13 ilvls for 1250 VP isn't stellar, but it is more efficient than item upgrades in terms of ilvl.

I assume you're looking to get to 470 for the latter wings of LFR? Even assuming your equipped stuff is the highest you have in every slot, you only need a total of 36 ilvls of upgrades to reach 470, if I've done the math right. If you can get some 463 bracers/gloves/pants, that would be 15 ilvls right there, even if they just sit in the bank.
Get the Trinkets from Krasarang. 489 ilevel each.. they will jump you like crazy. They drop off the same mobs that drop the Brawler guild invites, and drop 250 honor tokens as well. Use those to upgrade weak slots to 458 or convert the honor to JP and upgrade dungeon drops.

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