[H]] Korgath Looking for a WW Monk or DPS DK

I prefer a DPS monk to fill 1 DPS slot we have in our Core group but will take an exceptional DPS DK. 470+ ilvl 480+ prefered. NO TANK SPEC REQUIRED.
(Advantage to DPS Monk we have NO melee leather agility wearing class in our raid grp.)

We are losing our DK to Hockey and have been replacing him as of late with a few different players with in our guild.
We have a newly formed raid grp that I recruited 4 weeks ago with an iLVL of 463 and NO MoP raid XP. In those 4 weeks we are already 6/6 MV normal, and into HoF 1/6.

(Hurricane Sandy wiped out 6 of our main raiders on the east coast and we have not seen them online since, we gave it a good 6 weeks before we recruited and reformed this grp)

This is NOT a HARDCORE guild and we are not looking for HARDCORE players. We are looking for normal guys or girls who play the class were looking for perfectly and have raid awareness.

We do have a strict set of rules which can be reviewed at our website.
Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm Server (CST)
We only raid 2 nights a week for 3 hours each because 90% of us are 50 hour/week jobs and 30+ year old.
We use ventrilo and require a raid sign up in advance on the in game calendar.
We also communicate our raid attendance via text messages and our guild forums.

www.mayhemkorgath.guildlaunch.com to apply, the application link is on the RIGHT hand side of the home page.

add xsam.juliusx@gmail.com to real id if you want to talk in game.

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