[ H ] Remnants 10m 1/12 Recruiting 1 Healer

Raid Nights:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday 8:30-11:00PM EST (servertime)

Relaxed, drama-free raid environment. We are also very active on vent both in and out of raids, hanging out and having fun.

Looking to fill 1 Healer spot in our raid team for Throne of Thunder progression.
Our current healers are a Resto Shaman and a Shadow Priest who heals as disc for 3 heal fights. Looking for a Monk, Druid, Paladin, or Holy Priest to fill the 2nd healer position.

1/12 ToT

Contact Snow, Realale, Lathandar, or Targaryenn in-game for more info.
Patch is tomorrow.
IF still looking my gear isnt up to par. Hard core raider returning to WoW. Edge of Aggression was old guild, ranked 133rd on US 25 mans. Know how to play class well. If do any runs can show at my gear level i perform well. If need more gear ill see you guys around and apply in the future.

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