Increasing my tank damage

My GMs been on my back lately about my damage while tanking (he's a prot warrior, with a very low attitude toward prot pallys). I'm already hit and exp capped, and have been stacking haste, just not sure what else i an do to improve my damage. Any advice would be much appreciated.

"edit" first log link removed, wrong teams log
So looking at your Will logs, it does look like your damage might be a little low. Seems like he has 71K to your 62K.

One problem is, at least for Will, you should probably switch to Execution Sentence. That should help significantly increase your DPS during this fight. Holy Prism is really nice on trash and on bosses that have multitarget like Stone Guards, but that's about it really. Everything else seems fine aside from your Haste, oddly enough, seems kind of low for your iLv. My Prot Pally is 475 and he's pretty much sitting on 12% Haste and capping Hit and Expertise, for example. I would try maybe regemming a bit for pure Haste in some slots first - that might help you a little bit. Execution Sentence, too, for your single target fights.

The reason I picked Will in particular is because you're both tanking a boss, so your Vengeance levels are (likely) equal.
I would think about keeping HP for Will. HP does comparable damage to ES if you can use it on CD, and it will help by healing you and your melee. I take DP on Will and cap HP for the dance, spending it if I think I can get it maxed before the dance is over. When he starts hitting me, I hit him back with a string of SotRs as vengeance picks back up. Dont get hit by the devastating arc either. Max your camera distance and view from the top if you have to. I really like LAotL, but PoJ isn't bad either if you're sitting on HoPo.
Use AW on CD and play like a dps.
AS>CS>J>HW>CONS is what I follow for single target.
Swap CONS and HW for more than one.
You can also change your weapon enchant to Windsong or Dancing Steel.
I don't like the DMF trinket for tanks. I may start using the Will trinket with static haste for tanking.

Were there specific fights which you or your RL thought you were slacking on?

Edit: What was the first WoL for? you're not in it.
It looks like you are in nearly the same item level as my tank spec. I am talented Persuit of Justice for the extra run speed, HA, and ES.

Here's my Will of Emperor pull from a few days ago. Aside from my fight being just over a minute shorter, our damage numbers look fairly similar. Are you glyphed for Focused Shield often? That will definately be a dps increase on a single target fight.
thanks Bassm i suspected i could regem a bit now that i had more exp on gear, managed to squeze a little more haste out with that

i find myself constantly changeing glyphs and talents depending on the fight (realy like this new talent system for that) and had been flopping between the last tier ones. Had beensticking with prism for a while, that may be part of the problem.

Wills not a problem fight really, but its good for number comparison since vengence is held pretty constant. doesnt seem to be a specific fights he's bugged by, just a general issue he has . Pursuit of justice is my go to on Will to make the dancing easier.

Focused shield is always glyphed for raid fights, primarily since i dont want it bouncing to undesired targets (breaking CC's on lei shi for example) but the damage increase is nice.
Actually Arte might be right - I looked at some WoL and I saw a lot of Holy Prism, so if you're okay with it use it. If you're okay not helping heal (though Titan Gas sucks in Heroic from the looks of it), you could drop Battle Healer for a dps glyph.

I think your main problem is likely in your gemming though. Try that first. Just kindly remind the Prot Warrior you're a bad !@# healer and that's why your damage is a little lower.
In terms of your Will attempt, you also had 11 Strikes where the warrior had 13. You missed 2 either from not pressing the button or getting hit. His Ilvl is also slightly higher, which would generally mean his stats are slightly higher than yours.

Tank damage is a good addition, but it's not something that's going to make or break a raid. Sounds like he's just being picky for the sake of being picky.
If I were him, I would be looking at some of the other dps before you :)

And the reason why your haste seems so low is you gearing choice. Look at how many peaces are itemized for dodge/parry. It isn't bad at all for tanking, but if you want to add damage too, you'll have to look at gear that's itemized for haste/mastery. Your group can either decide to let you compete with rets and dks for gear, or let them have first pick while taking the leftovers for yourself.

I think this is what is causing your damage to be undesirable. If you look at some of the ranking prots on WoL, they use haste/mastery gear almost exclusively.
This guy is at a higher progression/gear level, but it's still important to note his gearing strat and the fact that he's ranked 1 on many WoL fights for prot. Keep in mind, this is still effectively tank gear too; he isn't trading out damage taken for this.

I won't be logging in for a few days, so I can't use my tank set as an example. I'm using ret gear with a sword/board because we were on garalon. That's a fight where tanks take very little damage, and the enrage is tight. So if you can use your ret gear for this fight and stay on the front two legs while soaking swipes, you should be able to compete with the ranged at least.

I switch between prism and Hammer for 90 talents, I've never even tried ES because I prefer the extra off-healing. One of the things that pallies can do is use their active mitigation (vengeance) to heal others. We have our passive healing from Battle healer and Sacred Shield, but we can also toss out WoGs and FoL if we arent hurting too bad, often for 100-200k heals per cast. I do this a lot on fights like tsulong, where I've just traded threat with the tank and cannot afford to damage because my vengeance will rip aggro back. 20-40k depending on the fight is entirely possible.

So once you are ok with your damage, your healing, both self healing and off healing, should be picking up too(I'm pretty sure it scales well with haste) And that is something that your warrior can't even compete with. For fights where you arent taking massive damage you can take clemency over Unbreakable spirit for even more utility.

I think the utility is what makes us stand out over all other takes, and you may have to take advantage of that if you feel you aren't as desirable.
My item level is lower than yours and I do 75-80k on Will of the Emperor.

The key to dps on that fight is to not get hit by Devastating Combo and use the Opportunistic Strike ability you get. I'm willing to bet that's your problem there. Missing even one of those puts you behind dps-wise.

On normal fights, I'll do around 45-50k depending on Vengeance gained. If you're the designated offtank, chances are you'll get lower dps on some fights. If you're taking aggro second, or are holding less things than the main tank, you'll probably deal less damage than the tank who did everything first.
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Lol bassm are you ever going to kill any normal mode bosses?

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01/30/2013 12:27 AMPosted by Invincible
Lol bassm are you ever going to kill any normal mode bosses?

That depends, are you ever going to kill any heroic bosses?
Have you considered spending VP to upgrade your weapon? You're at 0/2 and a couple of upgrades bumps up the DPS on it, not by a huge amount but a couple hundred.
01/30/2013 12:01 PMPosted by Invincible
That depends, are you ever going to kill any heroic bosses?


I guess that means I should write a guide on how to tank heroic bosses, then put my 2 cents in every thread about tanking heroic bosses.


I guess Svayne's guide is bad too then?
01/30/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Ashleygrace
Have you considered spending VP to upgrade your weapon? You're at 0/2 and a couple of upgrades bumps up the DPS on it, not by a huge amount but a couple hundred.

Weapon dps is pretty marginal because only HotR and CS scale from it, while everything is else AP based. I may be wrong here though
01/30/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Invincible
Svayne's guide is bad too then?

Invincible is just a bad person in general. Always has time to call everyone and everything bad: especially regarding pvp.

Thanks for fixing that for Invincible, Arte

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