[A] <Protip> LFM RBG team for 2k+ push

Hello Sargeras! You don't know me. I transferred here when MoP came out to play with some friends. Unfortunately, I was knee-deep in finals and couldn't level at the time so I've just hit 90 a couple of weeks ago. Alas, most of my friends quit and I've been left here all by my lonesome so I'm being reduced to making new friends. With that said, I would very much like to do some high-end RBGs (and arenas if anyone cares) with a fun, dedicated, and talented group of players. After one too many pugs, I'm ready to try and set up a more serious team (especially considering that 5.2 is almost here).

What can you expect from ME..
  • I am an experienced leader with 2200+ arena experience on my warrior and 2400+ arena experience on my DK. I was an RBG target-caller on my DK and am familiar with RBG strategies and setups. I will also be the FC on maps that call for one.
  • I will never yell, insult, rage, or otherwise embarrass you verbally or otherwise. Note that this doesn't mean I tolerate mistakes. But you won't hear me raising my voice or nerdraging like so many others.
  • If someone makes a mistake that costs us a game, I will tactfully remove them. I don't think it's fair for 9 people to lose rating and become increasingly frustrated because of one sole player. If someone is doing something fundamentally wrong (i.e. not mass dispelling as a priest, for example) they will be removed.

  • What I expect of YOU:
  • Mumble (mumble.sourceforge.net) is required. We use Mumble for several reasons: for one it's better quality than Vent and Skype (also lower latency); I run my own server so it's cheaper than Vent; I require the use of push-to-talk; etc. Keep in mind the use of Mumble is non-negotiable.
  • Having a mic does nothing for no one unless you actually use it. Making intelligent calls is very important. Pointing something out that the main caller maybe missed is equally important. Talkative people are highly preferred.
  • You must listen and follow instructions. If a critical player (the BG target-caller, the FC, a healer, a defender) asks you to do something (i.e. rotate, use a cooldown, etc), you need to step up. There is no time for theorycrafting in the middle of a game. However, I'll be more than happy to partake in a post-game analysis.
  • At least full Honor gear and T1 weapons are a must. The T1 is not a deal-breaker, however. My reasoning for having gear requirements is that I don't want to deal with lazy people (or alts) that will eventually be kicked anyway.

  • Since most of the people I'll be playing with are in the US or Canada, Oceanic players will probably have a hard time with our schedules. If you're interested in running with me, please leave your battle-tag info here with a little bit about yourself (class/spec/etc) and your schedule or simply hit me up in-game.

    Also, note that this is a 2k+ push team. I would very much like to find long-term players that are willing to put in the elbow-grease. For those of you that have hit 2k+ before, you know it's a bit grindy and occasionally frustrating (especially considering it's very late in the season). Please keep that in mind. I would like to do at least 1-2 hour RBG sessions when we do play.
    I am not geared for PvP but would really love to start pvping because i find it very interesting. i Have full contenders and will join the guild atleast as a filler until i can get full honour gear if thats ok with u guys
    We are still filling RBG position's please whisper us in game or reply on the thread!
    RBGs are our main focus right now but we envision doing 10 man raids in the future.

    Join us if you got what it takes ;)
    Hey just came upon this thread and myself and a friend are looking for a static RBG group for 5.2. I have this preist I'm gearing now, a lock with T1(2/2). My buddy is a Resto Sham T1(2/2) and a shadow priest I think with T1. Unified#1694 if you guys are interested in doing any xrealm. We just server transferred not too long ago to Korgath and are in the same position. He has some past RBG experience, I personally have close to no RBG experience, but am very willing to put in the time and effort. We're both easy goin mid 30's that are willing to listen and learn. Thanks guys!
    Just xferred here looking to join a pvp guild 1900cr can follow instructions and hold a node I'm a good hunter always trying to improve my game and meet like minded people hope to talk to u guys soon
    Hi Dynamitekid,

    Please add me ingame, my battletag is WBP#1212.

    what days / times are you running these rbgs? I'd be very interested if the times lined up with my own schedule
    I've run with him several times on my alts, and can verify that he runs solid groups, despite not having the need to rage like so many others I've played with.
    02/10/2013 09:44 PMPosted by Government
    I've run with him several times on my alts, and can verify that he runs solid groups, despite not having the need to rage like so many others I've played with.

    ty qtpie.

    We're still looking for people, but it's difficult finding high-quality healers and a quality target caller. And to think, I decided to take a leave of absence on my DK and revive my warrior because last season we couldn't find FCs .__.
    Hello there! I am xpertneo, im on the horde side of tichondrius but im leveling a second rogue currently on alliance that im going to xfer to sargeras, for a lower ping. I wont be 90 and geared for high rated rbgs this patch but im willing to run some arenas/rbgs with u next patch. My exp is 2162 in arena and 1800ish in rbgs. Hit me up on battletag if you're interested.


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