[A] Proudmoore - Departed 10m Wed/Thurs Raids

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Departed is currently looking for more to round out our 10 man raiding team to progress through Mists of Pandaria. Currently in need of dps. Warlock/Hunter/Warrior/Shaman preferred, others considered.

Raid Times:
2am - 4:30am PST (8:00-10:30pm AEST)

Primarily Aussie roster with a few late night Americans here and there. Looking for knowledgeable players who still like to have fun. We have a very lax schedule, but have a high standard for getting things done. Looking for members that are adequately geared for the content, and understand all responsibilities that may be asked of them.

Apply at: http://departed.enjin.com
or Pst Tinkett, Mewbz, Swaggle for more information.

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