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i have this is the file:

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal us

is there supposed to be something between the quotes? maybe there not being something there is causing the 114 log in failure? please advise.
I wouldn't think so. isn't used anymore afaik. I don't have one and can log in just fine.

patchlist/realmlist server switching is done using the locale Cvar in (EG Switching to login on the EU servers for example)
in the locale is set to enUS so i don't think that's the problem.

and if isn't used anymore why is it even there?
Because it hasn't been removed by subsequent patch updates maybe ?

I'm at work right now so can't check if one is installed for you on a clean install or look through my install logs myself. I would try a reinstall from the DVD/ installer to check but I'm fairly limited in what I can do on a work computer :(

The file is no longer used by the game. If you still have one, you probably installed the game client a while ago. The file wasn't removed by patches, but can be removed manually if you like.

Also, when it was in use, there was not suppose to be anything between the quotes on the third line.
ahh ok thanks for clearing that up.

i remember way back when it only had the first two lines.
so the new realmlist file is
where can i download this i dont have it and i want to play on please stop admitting that you want to do illegal activities plz help anyopne

Please stop bumping threads on where to find this file. What you are wanting to do is against the ToU and you will lose your account, forever. Don't do what you're trying to do.

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