Chaos Union Wants you! level 25 horde :)

If you are looking for a place to call home among dedicated friends who know how to play as a team, are there to have your back, and help you out when you need the help, then this is the place for you! We are looking to grow our family with new friends of all classes/specs, levels, and interests.

What we have to offer

Our Members
•Our founders are experienced players who have time tested, loyal friendships
•Active, friendly, social Members•PG13 guild, family friendly, LGBTQI friendly. Just friendly in general.
•We are laid back, and as drama free as possible (lets face it, at all guilds have at least a bit of drama at some point and we won't lie to you and say that it will never happen)

Our Interests
•Pet and Mount collecting, Alt leveling, achievement seeking, Transmog, old world raid content, just to name a few.
•Progression Raiding
•PvP: including Guild Arena teams, and plans for a Guild Rated BG team in the futureIn General
•7 bank tabs and guild repairs
•We have all Professions maxed and go out of our way to pitch in to help each other out with whatever may be needed from those professions
•We help our members level their professions as much as we can whenever we have the ability to do so
•Our own guild web site: Jam packed with easy access to game information and help. And, so that you can keep in touch and up to date when you can't be in the game!
* we are currently looking for a tank and or healer to complete our MOP raid team
*for an invite please whisper anyone online or simply fill out an app on our website:) and thanks for considering our little family as your new WoW home! :)
Come join us! Can't wait to see some newcomers to the guild! ^_^
I've been playing WoW since the end of vanilla and can whole-heartedly say that of all the guilds I've been a part of - across at least a half-dozen servers - this is by far the most kind, generous, and fun group of people I've ever come across. They are nothing short of amazing. :)
happy to report that chaos union is now raiding Mop content and would love to get a 2nd team going, come join the fun and cant wait to meet some new members!

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