Open Libram LXVI: Light in the Darkness

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01/30/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Cayse
We suck at Empress!

Join the club!

Hopefully we actually get to raid tonight, not looking so good.
01/30/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Cayse
It was part of the change to dispels!

...Wanna say I probably knew that, but had forgotten as I haven't personally made use of it.
01/30/2013 07:38 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
Holy can dispel one effect at the cost of a global every eight seconds; Ret will be able to dispel everything in one global

Cleanse dispels every effect on the target, there's no difference in that regard.

So... to differentiate ret's utility from holy, they're looking at giving ret the ability to do the same thing holy already does on an ability that already has a very specific use and a hugely longer cooldown?


I don't know whether to laugh or sigh.

*and reading back, I see you already stated that :x
01/30/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Cayse
We suck at Empress!

P2 seems difficult for all the wrong reasons. The little adds are super easy to nuke, but need to be left up to kill the big adds in time. And dps on the big adds feels almost meaningless compared to what damage the traps do.
We were getting traps down and then not using them. Because things. That was as far as we got. We were doing it consistently though. I think this is one of those "this is too much like pvp" for a lot of our people to get their head around easily.

And our flamey guy kill was another everyone-is-flaming-but-the-tank and we all die, and the tank rides out the last dot ticks.
We can't into Garalon, it seems. It almost feels like we need a third healer.
01/30/2013 09:41 PMPosted by Elidra
It almost feels like we need a third healer.

You might, we ended up three healing it.
We actually ended up having both our priests atonement heal along with our resto shaman, him and the two tanks are the only ones taking stacks and they're going 25-30 and it works fairly well.

Also really specific leg assignments to stop various people from running all over. Which I completely ignore.
One of our Healers just decided to say "F you guys!" tonight for whatever reason. Sooooo we had our mage switch to their Priest that probably isn't even fit for MV and brought in a reserve DPS.

At least we got to practice, we have the add phase solidly down now so if everyone shows up next time we may kill Queen.

But then the final phase does seem like a nightmare from what I've read so IDK.
01/30/2013 11:46 PMPosted by Lobster
Heroic Sha of Fear makes me want to crawl into a hole and die. :D

That's what I've heard from all the cool kids who have gotten there. Long, difficult, STUPID fight by all accounts.

We're starting work on H Will tomorrow. It's pretty much accepted that we won't get H Sha until after 5.2 - if we kill H Empress before the next tier releases, I'll be extremely satisfied, and if we get H Tsulong too then I'll be ecstatic. Clearing the entire heroic tier in T14 takes an extreme amount of commitment and skill, and likely more than 10hr/wk :-D
so, pet battles are kind of fun! i realized you could buy the spirit pets and i bought the air one who looks like a bird, but he's lvl 7 so i went out and started leveling some pets so i could learn him. strangely compelling! i bought a fire pet as well because he's cool too. soon i will have all four of them and they will be my mascots!
I have a Crawling Claw named "Happy Ending". I never claimed to be mature, okay? :-D
Note to self - I like the helm... but man I think I need to get some pure Expertise gems into a couple red slots. Either that or put back on the Engineering helm... but dat bonus...
I'm not much of a fan of avoidance/accuracy gear for tanking. The 270 stam really isnt that much. They are both well-functioning tank helms, but I wouldn't feel obligated to use the skull over the goggles. If it were a normal version, I could probably say otherwise
Hmm a live action warcraft movie
Morning Pally Crew

Only took what? 8-9 years to announce a director? I announce the first casting sometime in...2025 haha.
It goes into production this fall evidently.

I predict it being terrible and causing no end of forum drama.

A WoW movie would be far better in full, high quality CGI anyway.

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