Weekly Mount Farming

I would like to start a dedicated group for farming mounts such as:

Sarth 10 and 25 - 3 Drake mounts

Malygos 10 and 25 man - Blue Drake mounts

These would run at the organised time of the group. It would also be on an honesty system. Each week a new person will get the mount 100% there will be no stealing or dropping group once you have it, you will need to be committed to helping the rest of the group once you get your mount as it would only be fair.

There will need to be some form of commitment from each player to ensure that people get the mount each week after a reset.

Please express interest below and give the names of the Char you wish to run or PST me in game.
keen on this toon, just tell me day and date. Could we do some FL runs i really want egg, got it ninjaed from me 3 times .... i need it !
You could just solo Malygos 10 man for Reins of the Blue Drake and Reins of the Azure Drake
Just a suggestion
Obsidian Sanctum's 25m mount can easily be 2 manned as well. Both the 10m and 25m are guaranteed drops provided you do it properly.

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