Reigns of Poseidus

Earthen Ring
Accepting gold offers and item offers.

Pst me in game. I will keep track of the thread as much as i can to respond to offers on it and or comments.
Says buyout price 93,928g But i am willing to negotiate a lower price or items with gold combination depending on the items and if i need them.

I felt this item would be pointless to sell on the auction house because of the price it costs for this mount but it will stay there for 90kg.
1k gold and deal
Lol, id sooner vendor it then sell it for 1kg. I make 1kg just doing dailies for an hour of my time. Serious offers no trolling and reported for trolling.
1.1k gold and deal
1.2k gold and deal
my 1.1k gold offer still stands and so does my warlocks 1k gold offer

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