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I have the box where it says "Keep me logged in" checked, but every now and then, even on the same day or hour, I'll come back here and find myself logged out. This has happened multiple times a day and, in fact, I just had to log in again even though I just visited like 30 minutes ago.

I know my account isn't being hacked since nothing's been touch gold, item, or character wise.

So can someone tell me what the heck is going on?
This happens to me as well. I am using IE 10 on win 8. Seems to be a windows issue since chrome and FF seem to be ok. I can't get past the login boxes either. after entering my user and pw the box goes black and sits there, I click on the log in link twice and it will log me in then.
I'm using chrome on win 7.
Check your browser settings.
You could have your temp internet folder set to be cleared when you close the browser, or you could have it set to clear the temp internet folder after a set number of days.

Both of these will automaticly log you out when they take effect since the file that keeps you logged in is stored their.

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