Our sister realm in Europe

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6493569817 is where they are.

I'm so saddened.

Could someone, anyone, make a reply to that and offer them a new home?
Makes us look good. We are headed against the wind, but we are still moving. Too bad they are that dried up.
I have a crazy idea that may work based on:


Could someone, anyone, make a reply to that and offer them a new home?

Now keep in mind that I know Blizzard has no intentions of merging small and/or dieing servers, but one can always hope (I don't mind CRZ, but it is not a fix/help for these servers).

What if they did merge these EU sister servers with our servers when possible?
There is the time zone issue that can cause problems with players in guilds trying to sync up for raids and events. I know, this is the obvious stand problem. Let us think of this problem in a different way. The players being merged from the EU RH server to our RH server would have the perks of a better market, guilds and world events that come with a higher realm pop.
For instances when these EU players are on considerably later, or earlier, they could be considered as keeping action on the server going on the realm longer than it used to be.
Even in our realms 'dead time' there are still quite a few players on that work odd shifts, or are from vastly different time zones that just come to play on our RH. This would me the EU players would not be let completely out of the loop.

Language can become an issue, but that might be a different Gnome to punt.
Perhaps the players with concerns that have concerns with language are given a transfer to a realm where their main tongue is used in an instance of a server merger.

This all of course takes place in sister server mergers.

In same realm merges I feel it should just happen if x% of the population petitions that they want a realm merger to another realm, and can show, or have Blizzard review realm population statistics, that their server is on life support or in the grave. A realm wide vote could take place requiring that 60-75% of the realm to vote 'yes' to have the realm merge with another.

Its a rough outline of possible ways to work the mergers, and ways to look at them (although scatter brained).
I'd say they'd be welcome here, but timezone/lag would kill someone's gameplay depending on where the server cluster wound up.

It would great, though, if they could. It would slightly patch the A/H ratio.

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