Healing, Specs, and PvP

Since I hit 90 (a bit over a week ago), I've mostly been running Instances and random Battlegrounds (as heals). I've become fairly decent at healing PvE (I'm not good, but so long as everyone else knows how to play, a wipe probably won't occur), but I'm horrible in PvP.
Last night, I was playing in Arathi Basin and I was killed by a Hunter's pet wolf. I think. It might've been a druid, maybe. But it was embarrassing.
I should say that I'm not very good at WoW, in general. I played a Warlock (along with this Paladin, but not much) in Cata, and I was pretty mediocre.

So this is kind of more related to class healing, but we're all Paladins here, right?
I just have a few things on my mind:
- How should I go about healing in RBGs? (even vague, general suggestions would be nice)
- Is PvP Holy stat priority much different from PvE (Int/Spirit > Mastery > Haste > Crit)?
- Is PvP gear really important for healing in PvP?

Also, from what I can tell, am I right to say that I should probably avoid Ret, end of story? Ret was pretty good in Cata, so I kind of always wanted to be that awesome. Just don't know about sticking to only Healing.
First things first, need to urgently replace your gloves and belt to plate so you can get the plate specialization bonus. From what I currently see the gloves are mail, and the belt is leather. The specialization gives you a 5% bonus to intellect!

Yes, PVP gear is pretty important in any PVP situation for any class, period. Let's you live longer against other players. Plus PVP power increases your healing in PvP areas like Battlegrounds and Arenas.

Kind of heal like normal, but normally only cast if you have infusion of light up or if you think you can get a cast of without being interrupted. So basically stick to holy shock for healing and divine prism whenever they're up. Often it's better to not cast and wait for holy shock to get up than it is to suffer a 5 second lock-out from our holy spells (which is... every spell pretty much). But normally infusion of light procs a lot, so you are using Divine Light, holy light, etc a lot as well. And if you can free-cast and just use Divine Light, go for it.

Don't be afraid to use your cooldowns like avenging wrath and divine favor, and when you get your PVP trinket -if you get the one where have to activate it's effect- use it whenever you need the extra boost.

Also, kite if you need to. Normally I only kite if a melee class is on me, but if someones pet is annoying you kite it. I have burden of guilt and long arm of the law for my talents, so every time I use judgement my enemy moves 50% slower and I get a 45% movement increase for 3 seconds. The movement debuff on my enemy is also shorter than judgements cooldown, so I pretty much can't be caught unless you really slow me, in which case I just use hand of freedom or stun them until I can get away again. :)

As far as stats go pretty much avoid mastery at all, and haste is useless. The difference between a 2.5 second cast and a 2.1 second cast is nothing in PVP, you'll be interrupted no matter what unless it's under 1 second (which would require an incredible amount of haste), and even then I get interrupted when Infusion of Light is up and my Divine Light cast is 0.8 seconds (mainly cause of pushbacks). So mainly focus on crit and spirit for reforging. Whichever you want is up to you. Personally I don't care for spirit since the battles either over or I'm dead before I run out of mana, and crit helps for getting infusion of light for quicker Divine Light and holy radiance.

In PVP I use every spell. Whether its using hand of protection on a friendly spellcaster, cleansing someone, using hand of sacrifice, hand of salvation (sometimes works to get pets off yourself), hand of sacrifice (to relieve some damage from someone), devotion aura (to help give you some silence/interrupt protection), or divine protection! Use it all.

But mainly line of sight whenever possible. Once you get a full set of PvP gear you'll see it's much better. You won't die as often and you'll live a lot longer.

AoE healing, meh. Normally just try to cast Eternal flame. If you really want use holy radiance, but again, interrupts can bite you if you time it wrong. Often times I just cast out light of dawn and hope I get divine purpose. Heck, I've cast light of dawn 5 times in a row before thanks to divine purpose :}
Thank you so much! I feel like a better healer already.

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