holy pvp guide?

Okay, so ive finally came to my senses and im making a Holy pvp spec. But I have NO idea what spells to use in the appropriate situations and ive never played a healer before so I have no clue what im doing. I tried looking online for a Guide but couldnt seem to find one, anyone mind linking a guide or telling me what to do? =)
Im in the same boat ret and prot for 7 years but now you have to be holy to pvp but when I tried I just stayed stunned until I died over and over. HELP
Howdy! Here's what I do for PvP healing as a Holy Pally. You can play around with it to see what you like best.

1.) Always beacon yourself. In the BG with the orbs, you can bacon an orb carrier if you choose too.
2.) Holy Shock whenever it's not on CD, so like every 6 seconds. The crits on this can be pretty good, and it's good for healing while you're moving.
3.) Holy Prism is boss. Use it when you're running too. You can heal a single target with it or up to 5 targets.
4.) Holy Light when someone is taking light damage or just to heal someone back up (you could use Holy Shock for this too).
5.) Divine Light when someone is taking medium/high damage. It costs a lot of mana so be careful.
6.) Holy Radiance when there's a few people that aren't scattered (Ex: fighting on a flag, etc). Afterwards use Holy Shock for more AoE healing. I try not to use Light of Dawn because I feel like it just points me out to all the allies. That's just me, though.
7.) Divine Protection whenever you're taking damage. I have it glyphed to reduce magic and physical damage.
8.) Devotion Aura when things are bad (prevents fear and all that) or if you know you're fighting something with magic abilities.
9.) Avenging Wrath when !@#$ gets real.
10.) Guardian of Ancient Kings when %^-* gets really real.

-Blinding Light in big groups of allies or while fighting on the flag at a base.
-Repent then Hammer of Justice then Blinding Light then Repent again... and they will hate you forever. I do this on arenas, but you can pick a casters/healer that is away from the group and CC the hell out of them.
-Interrupts of course.

Staying Alive:
-Bubble, bubble, bubble.
-I bubble when I'm about to die, or if I'm CC'd and there's a few people about to die, I bubble to heal them back up.
-Glyph for Clemency so you basically have 3 bubbles. Divine Shield and Hand of Protection x 2.

When !@#$ gets real:
-Devotion Aura, Avenging Wrath, and either Guardian of Ancient Kings or that one ability that increases your haste. Then either spam Holy Shock, Holy Prism, and Holy Radiance to gain more holy power. Once you have 3 use Eternal Flame. With Divine Purpose as a talent you can get Eternal Flame procs that are literally life savors.
-Of course Flash of Light if someone is about to die. 10%-15% health or lower. Remember you gain a holy power if you use Flash of Light on your beacon target... normally yourself.

Glyphs & Talents:
-You can just look at mine. Except for the Light of Dawn one, that's for PvE. I use the one that makes my Divine Protection reduce magic and physical damage.

This is just brief and like I said, it's all my personal preferences. If you have any questions just holla!
copy my gems/reforges and spec, try not to overlap too many CD's bc you may need them later.

If you have any specific questions add my realID i'd be glad to help new healers!! healers are rare to come across these days for arena's.

Edit: I know this isnt a paladin video but Zelyx explains very well how healers should play. http://www.skill-capped.com/watch/6868/game-awareness-and-positive-mindset/

(just send me ingame mail with ur real id)
Thanks guys! Exactly what I was looking for

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