Rate the monk transmog above you (2)

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The original thread capped yesterday, and can be found here:

I want a staff that doesn't sit upside down on my tauren's back.
I think I rated yours before... still very taurenish! Me likey, 9/10 - and good luck with the staff thing, I have the same problem it looks ridiculous.
8/10 Fé! Show me those sexy legs. Haha joke. I think your's are great! Just consider a different helm... That eye patch doesn't "fit"
I don't like mine, I'm working on a new one that will take a couple of months (Hopefully, have spent 2 months farming it already) to get. :(
I'm actually debating changing the entire set. As much as I like the corset look of the chest I'm honestly tired of seeing it everywhere. Even if I don't I'm still working on new shoulders, the eye patch will look better then xD
9/10 Artheran I actually like that set a lot and used to use it. Swords go well with it!
8/10, I like the blindfold!
8/10 cool looking
8/10 I like the eye patch and the staff, i would give you 9 but i like a little more color. Seems like a lot of people are going ninja and monks arnt ninja.

Mine is pretty lame right now i am waiting for high level gear.
To be fair most of our options are either "Ninja" as you put it, or looking like a druid.

Pretty unique

Still working on mine

If I had to guess what a Tauren Monk looked like, I would say Sencia nailed it.
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To be fair most of our options are either "Ninja" as you put it, or looking like a druid.

I totally understand,

Kayaus, 9.5/10 I really like your setup. I would go 10/10 but i always like to leave room for improvement. :)
I dont think contender's looks that great, but hey, it matches. 6/10
10/10 I love it. I wish those helm models didn't look terrible on space goats. I've been trying to find something to build with that chest piece D:
Fe, what happened to that sexy bandit number you were rocking last week? Thought that look was awesome, personally. Your old one, 10/10. Current one, about 6/10. (Yeah, starting to get sick of it on myself as well. Lol.)
7/10, I like the Corset still D: Are you talking about the red set that I was running, or the brown one?
Trying to go for less of a "rogue-y" look. Been experimenting with various armor set pieces. I kind of like this so far. Kind of the wandering warrior wrapped in leather look to me. Not incredibly satisfied with the fist weapon transmog I used... but we never see them anyway /sadphace.

I really like psyhard's outfit... I wish human females looked as good with the Straw & Shado-pan hats... but I don't think we do. Mostly it's cause the hair looks dorky. Panda's were MADE for those hats. I also really like your outfit Fe. you both went with what I was eventually hoping to do if I am ever lucky enough to get the damn Grizzly Jerkin to ever drop for me. /scowl.

Both of you get a 9/10 in my book. :D

Nice matching. But i just do not like alliance models.

And yes I know I am alliance /sighhh
But your so tiny and cutesy! I could just eat you up! NOMNOMNOMNOM... Yeah... that happened. 8/10, I can't really tell whats going on with the chest/arms in your mog because of th way you hold the staff.
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7/10, I like the Corset still D: Are you talking about the red set that I was running, or the brown one?

The Grizzly Jerkin and Kilt of Sewn Flesh. Had more of an "argh" pirate monk vibe to it. Thought it was fairly unique and looked great on a draenei.

Ro, give yours 8/10. Like it overall. Tunic really works with that look. Only thing distracting are the boots. The rest of the ensemble is concealing, and you see fleshy ankles... Kind of brings my attention back to the feet.

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