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It was very courteous of you to include a shirt in that mog :P Although your determined stance in the profile picture is quite disconcerting in those "clothes" :3

Try to pick up the wolf head that drops off the ramp boss in ZF. It may fit better, but I've not found much of any use for mine :p

I'd also search for a good set of gloves that cover the fingers and a shirt to hide that muffin top :D

Here's what I fished up.

It covers your whole face tho, but matches the colors.

Doesn't blend super well but it's got greens in it and gives you quite a cool look :) Plus it's easier to farm than the above.
Gl ^,^

I'm not the biggest fan of the neck/head piece, particularly on Pandaren where it just seems stretched.

As always, ignore my weapons as they DO NOT EXIST. :)
8/10 Looks very original.

Not a fan of the shorts.
Could go with a different belt.
6.5/10 The Ascendent Tribe set looks good and not roguey or druidy, and you get bonus points for matching your hair. But it is current content so it doesn't really stand out... someone could have the same set just at random.

Its original but I don't really think the gold works with the shirt...
10/10 very clean not too overboard looks like a monk to me!
7/10 i dont like the fact that your barefoot xD lol
Mine isn't finished yet but ill throw it up anyway (still need other color of shoulders and helm from Sunwell). Looks better in person I think because it's missing the green glow from the shoulders and for some reason my green panda emblem doesn't show on my belt. Oh wells...
8/10 i REALLY love that tabard, but maybe if you had a head piece that matched one of the colors on your tabard it would look better, just because it's kind of random to the actual green gear, but i like it anyways!

My leveling transmog.
02/21/2013 12:57 PMPosted by Harper
My leveling transmog.


Can't go wrong with a classic ... but it's a classic! Interesting weapon choice, though. Matches better than I'd expect.

As for me, this is my roguey look. Tried to avoid it, but ... I had to have at least one!

Love the gear and the discoloration of the boots and glove gives it a zinger of a look. The only thing I am sincerely put off by is that off hand but the main hand is perfect!
8/10 -- Well, it's Bloodfang again, but it still looks good. And blue. For the Alliance?

Very nice integration of the colors. Not a bad set. Wish I could be an Orc.

Very nice integration of the colors. Not a bad set. Wish I could be an Orc.

10/10 for the fist weapons
Not bad looking, I'd say 7.9/10 because the shoulders don't look bulky enough to me.

As for mine, I'm not 100% satisfied with the shoulders I have currently nor the cloak but the rest is pretty much going to be my final set on my Brewmaster spec. I'm thinking something more green and vibrant for my Mistweaver spec, gotta find something from a druid looking set.

Also, replace the staff with the Hellreaver come 5.2.

I like seeing green-tinted sets, as they're amazing if put together well. I'm slightly surprised and off-put that you are a Gnome with no beard, but it'd probably clip through your helm in an unsightly manner.

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